15 Jun 2015

How to Deal With Toy Clutter

Toys, toys, everywhere toys! Unless you’ve turned your home into Santa’s Workshop, you probably don’t want to deal with your kid’s dolls, figurines and gaming accessories being left around the house where you can easily trip over them and break an ankle.

Dealing With Toy Clutter

Here’s how to deal with toy clutter to keep your home looking great and your kids from messing it up:

The big giveaway:

  • Take an afternoon to sit down with your children to go through everything. Anything that they don’t play with, have outgrown or was an unwanted gift you can get rid off.

    Put everything into a garbage bag and donate it to a shelter or charity of your choice. Do not give away stuffed animals they once slept with or precious heirlooms. They may want to give them to their children one day.

Store it up in style:

  • Now that you’ve gotten rid of anything your kids don’t need, it’s time to take care of what’s left. In clear plastic bins that you can label, give everything a home.

    The good thing about these bins is that they can be stacked on top of each other and placed in a closet or stored under a child’s bed, out of the way. Label each bin with what’s inside so everything is easy to find. Get your kids in on the action by letting them create the labels in fun and bold colours.

    If you store anything in the closet, keep it at a level where you children can reach it so you don’t have to come into their room every time they want to play with the train set. For gaming accessories, keep the games and controllers in a separate bin near the consol.

Lay down the law:

  • Your kids may put everything back in its proper place for a week after you’ve implemented a new storage system but after that, toys could litter the floors again. You can go into their rooms and pick up after them all the time, or you can set some rules. That doesn’t mean you have to be a mean old sheriff who polices their kids but you can offer a small reward for keeping their toys stored away when they’re not in use.

    Create a colourful chart where each child gets a star for a clean and clutter-free room. At the end of the week or month give your kids a treat for keeping their toys off the floor.

The key to staying organized is consistency. If your kids learn from an early age that they have to clean up after themselves, it will become a form of habit they will keep with them well into adulthood!

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