16 Jan 2011

Report: Immigration booming in Canada


At more than 33 million, Canada’s population has been on a steady increase for more than 50 years. And last year, there was a significant jump in economic migrants. Approximately 280,600 legal immigrants became permanent residents of Canada in 2010. The number is 6 percent higher than immigration officials predicted and the most the country has seen since 1957. While the report considers all residents that move to Canada, the biggest portion was economic migrants who made up two-thirds of new legal residents. In a news conference, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said the country wants to bring more skilled immigrants to the country to stimulate the economy. By adjusting Ottawa’s points grid, the people accepted for the country’s skilled work program will possess the skills that are in high demand. Economic migrants are people that move from one part of the world to another seeking employment. And while they’re seeking employment and a place to settle down, they’ll likely need…


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