14 Apr 2010

Reducing Stress Levels 5 Notches for Unplanned Stressful Storage...

I don’t know a single person that’s in love with moving and storing – but sometimes life shattering events happen that result in radical changes for households and businesses. Persons going through separation, divorce, executors managing estates, sudden illnesses, forced downsizings, persons retiring from businesses – all of these are individuals going through unexpected life disruptions and Jiffy Storage can manage all their problems of moving and downsizing – from supplying boxes and in-home moving packers, arranging for trucks and movers to money saving packing tips that go along way for reducing storage costs. We are more than just another Toronto storage company  –  Jiffy Self Storage has staff with expertise to deal with other peoples’ storage problems so they don’t have to. Many consultants and professionals – like family law and divorce lawyers; marriage and bearevement counselors; health and geriatric care personnel – count on us to help their clients because we have nearly 25 years experience in storage and other related storage services. If…


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