6 Jun 2011

How to avoid being scammed by movers

The moving process is something just about everyone experiences at least once in their life. But if people aren’t careful in who they hire to help them pack up their boxes and belongings, it could be an experience they never want to have again. A reliable mover should have excellent client reviews According to the U.S.-based Better Business Bureau, which helps consumers determine if businesses are legitimate and good to deal with, the firm receives loads of complaints from homeowners who have been scammed by movers. To help people determine what movers are for real, the BBB and American Moving and Storage Association has a few pointers. For instance, the organizations say homeowners should research the company thoroughly by reviewing its website and consulting with outside groups. They may also want to get at least three estimates about what the costs will be to move, as the organizations say legitimate movers will fulfill this request in…


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