27 Jun 2010

Toronto 5.5 earthquake on Richter Scale June 23, 2010

Where were you when the Richter scale measured 5.5? If you felt some trembling or shaking around you, probably you did not realize that there was a real earthquake in our area but when you found out that what you felt was an earthquake, you talked up the situation with everyone around you. When something goes wrong, we like to tell everyone about the incident. When something good happens, we like to tell people about the event. We also have a great story to tell about our Jiffy Self Storage Toronto building. There was a rumble from within the bowels of our Toronto storage building but our reinforced concrete building survived quake trauma entirely intact. Our 6-inch reinforced concrete floors, ceilings and sturdy columns continued to protect our Toronto storage customers stuff unscathed. We are glad that we overbuilt the Toronto storage building so our customers can have peace of mind that when they choose to store their stuff at…


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