1 Jun 2010

A new breed of self-storage facility has emerged, designed...

For companies in the process of making warehousing and storage decisions, there is a broad spectrum of options that should be considered. For those in need of large-scale complex materials handling, the warehousing function is often better left to a third party specialist. On the other end of the spectrum are unserviced spaces, which offer little more than 3 walls and a loading door (if you’re lucky). Between the extremes lies a unique option which is proving to be highly effective for a growing number of companies. A new breed of self-storage facility has emerged, designed explicitly to meet the needs of businesses. With a range of basic services including internet connectivity, security, climate-controlled warehouses, meeting space, and parcel reception and handling, many companies are finding that their needs can be met without the costs of renting traditional warehousing space and services. Robin Moore and his wife Anita discovered the self-storage option over three years ago. From their home in Barrie, the…


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