6 Jan 2014

Are you using your garage space in Toronto to store tires?

This is the season when most people move seasonal car tires into and out of storage. Toronto car dealers charge an incredibly high fee to store tires for six months, but at Jiffy Self-Storage, we have the smarter solution for thrifty Toronto consumers looking for a cheap Toronto solution for storing seasonal tires. Rent a 25 sqft (5ft x 5ft x 9ft high) unit from Jiffy Toronto to store your winter tires plus other seasonal stuff inside one of our climate controlled storage spaces. You may ask yourself what difference does a proper storage space make for your tires. Well, tires that aren’t properly kept away can suffer a range of problems. Here are five quick and easy tire-storage tips and why they’re important. Taking a vehicle’s weight off its tires. A vehicle kept stationary for a season’s worth of time with its tires kept on can hurt the rubber, as the weight can create troublesome pressure spots. Avoiding harmful direct…


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