25 Jan 2013

Jiffy WorkSpaces/Offices and Retail Stores Status

Having just completed the WorkSpaces/Offices and Retail Stores in late November, we are pleased to report that there is much more activity than we expected. We just rented another retail space in our Toronto storage plaza to a well known check cashing business. So besides the new tenant, we also have located in our Toronto retail store plaza an all-day diner, hardware store, moving store and Jiffy Self-Storage office in this Toronto strip plaza. If anyone is interested in renting a small budget retail store, we suggest that they take immediate action. Otherwise, they will all be rented and if you are in the market for this type of space, we assure you that the 3 other Toronto retail stores in Jiffy Plaza will be leased. Our Jiffy Workspaces are ideal for any upstart business, small contractor, eBay seller, light assembly and many other uses, we are expect that these air-conditioned workspace will be fully occupied by late spring. If you…

12 Nov 2012

Toronto’s leading self storage service provider has recently completed construction of 5 brand new retail units. This has created new and additional opportunities for aspiring business owners to secure a great retail location. Jiffy Self Storage Plaza, Toronto,  has a wide array of benefits for entrepreneurial business owners. First of all, the plaza is located at the major cross roads of the greater Toronto Area. This provides easy access to Highways 401 & 400. Whether you are on your way to work or having customers visit, this ease of travel is a benefit that most other places cannot provide. Toronto Retail Strip Plaza with lots of front loaded parking Thinking of starting a new business? One of…


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