Packing Tips For Electronics
8 Mar 2018

How To Pack Electronics For Long-Term Storage

One of the most commonly found items in self-storage units is electronics. Whether it’s an old TV, or an old computer monitor, a car stereo, or that vintage boom box you can’t bring yourself to part with, long-term storage is a great way to keep your electronics safe and secure while you figure out what to do with them. Storing electronics for the long haul, however, will require you to know how to properly pack electronics. If you are thinking about putting any electronic equipment away into self-storage, below are some packing tips to make sure your electronics don’t become susceptible to rust, cracking, mold and breakage:

Put things in their original boxes

If you haven’t developed the habit of saving the original boxes your electronics were purchased in, it is never too late to start. If you have them handy, it’s the best way to start packing electronics for long-term storage is to place them back into the boxes they came in. The boxes they arrived in were designed to protect them on their long voyage (likely from Asia), and they are the best protection you can give to them once you put them away into long-term storage.

Climate-controlled storage

This is not so much a packing tip as it is a tip on what to look for and shop for when you are choosing your self-storage facility. Electronics are some of the most delicate and sensitive items commonly found in storage units. Quality self-storage facilities will offer units with climate control that allows you to keep humidity and temperature levels constant. This would be highly beneficial if you want to keep your electronics into long-term storage.

Wrap your electronics

When you pack electronics for long-term storage, you want to keep in mind that anything left exposed in a storage unit for a long period is likely to become a home for dust. If you want to avoid dust getting into the nooks and crevices of delicate electronics, it is a good idea to wrap or cover everything you put into storage even if you are putting back into its original packaging. Wrapping them in linen, bubble wrap, or clean paper are the best ways to make sure the inner workings of things like computers and televisions don’t become clogged with dust.

Putting electronics away into storage can make you anxious. Not having absolute control over the fate of things you likely paid a lot of money for and are planning on getting a lot of future use out it can be worrying. Fortunately, if you keep the above electronics packing tips in mind, you should be able to securely store your electronics in a self-storage unit and rest easy with the peace of mind that you’ve done everything you can to protect them.

For more information on climate controlled self-storage spaces available in your area, contact Jiffy Self Storage at (416) 745-4339.

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