19 Jun 2017

How To Wrap Furniture For Storage

If you have furniture in your home or office that you want to get out of your hair temporarily, you want to maintain it in good condition, so that you (or somebody) can get further use out of it in the future. If you are putting your furniture into a self storage unit, below are some tips on how to properly wrap and take care of it while it’s not in use.

Wrapping Furniture For Storage

Clean Before You Wrap

Before you place any furniture in storage, you have to clean it first. You should wipe down furniture with a clean cloth, and vacuum and/or shampoo the upholstery before it goes into storage. Any dirt that’s on your furniture when you place it into storage, is going to be even more ingrained into the fabric or on the wood when you take it out, because it has had that much more time to work its way in. You should then let the pieces breathe and dry in a well ventilated area before wrapping them up.


The easiest way to wrap furniture and ensure that everything is being covered is to disassemble it. Some pieces of furniture are just too unwieldy to be effectively wrapped, but disassembling solves this problem. Anything that can be disassembled, should be. You will be able to cover the entire surface area of the furniture that way.

Cover and Protect

After you’ve prepped your furniture, you are going to want to wrap it with a couple of different things. It is wise to avoid plastic packing materials when you can because they are known to smother wood and fabric. Smothered furniture can create the perfect environment for condensation to form. Use drop cloths, sheets and specialty furniture covers in order to keep dust and grime away while still allowing air to circulate.

Strategically Store

Once your furniture has been wrapped, the best way to organize your furniture storage unit is to place the bulkiest, heaviest items nearer to the front, so when it comes time to take something out, you aren’t stuck trying to manoeuvre something heavy and dangerous from the back of the unit to the front.

Storing furniture certainly involves some prep work. It is not as simple as just moving the pieces from your house to the unit. But, if you keep the above furniture wrapping and storing tips in mind, you can rest assured that your furniture will still be in good shape when it comes time to take it out of storage.

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