11 Nov 2016

Tips For Running Your eBay Business Out Of Self Storage

Online marketplaces such as eBay have created a wide range of business opportunities for those looking to buy and sell online from the convenience of their homes. The astute entrepreneur can quickly turn a profit using eBay if they understand their market, are organized and can connect buyers and sellers. Many people are choosing to run their eBay businesses out of a self-storage unit for a variety of reasons. Below are some tips for running your eBay business out of your self-storage unit.

Running An eBay Business Out Of Self Storage

Protect your inventory. A self-storage unit should be designed and selected based on what type of inventory you are selling. If your business is new and used electronics, then a climate-controlled unit that protects your goods from humidity and damage from the elements is a must. Check to make sure that the unit you are renting is climate controlled, and speak to your representative about how a climate-controlled unit functions.

Keep your contract flexible. The downside of working for yourself is that nothing is ever guaranteed. There will be lean months and there will be months where you have more business than you know how to handle. Ensuring that you have the ability to adjust your self-storage contract to fit your needs – whether it means month-to-month renting or being able to scale the available space up or down is an important way to control your fixed costs.

Make sure you have year-round, full access. Selling in a virtual marketplace means you are operating based on a 24-hour day. Buyers and sellers are often not in the same province, state or even country, and if you need to move an item outside of regular 9 to 5 hours, being able to access your inventory in the wee hours of the morning could mean the difference between a sale made and a sale lost.

Security. Having proper security measures in place – such as adequate locks, even surveillance equipment – is always advisable. It becomes even more important when it is not just your belongings, but your business’ livelihood and reputation on the line. If someone places an order and the item they have purchased has been stolen or damaged, people are going to call your reliability into question.

Keep it organized. A self-storage unit should always be organized and easily accessible. This becomes even more important when time is of the essence and you need to ship something. Keeping an inventory of what you have, and ensuring that your unit is easily navigated (meaning there is no clutter and there are clear pathways to each and every item in the unit) will make or break your eBay business.

Running an eBay business with the help of a self-storage unit has made a lot of people a lot of money. But it is not as simple as merely throwing your inventory into a self-storage unit and waiting for a sale to be made. Keep the above tips in mind and make sure that your costs are controlled, your items protected and your business is always running efficiently and profitably.

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