20 Jul 2011

Poll: Canadians would rather give up their TV before the internet

A new study is revealing that Canadians may have no problem putting their television sets in storage.

Commissioned by the telecommunciations firm Primus Canada, a new survey reveals nearly half of all Canadians would have no problem giving up their TVs if they were forced to choose between it and the internet.

Rob Warden, vice president of residential services for the firm, said internet access is something Canadians are placing a greater dependence on than ever before.

“This survey proves that Canadians have reached a comfort level and reliance on the Internet that is at least on par with that of TV and phones,” said Warden.

Other findings from the poll show just how much homeowners rely on cyberspace, as one in five Canadians say they would turn down $1 million if it meant they had to give up the internet.

Businessowners are particularly dependent on the world wide web, which is why Jiffy Workspace offices are wired with internet capability. A number of other options are available to help personalize an office unit for renters on an as-needed basis.

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