How to properly store inventory in a storage unit
24 Mar 2022

How to Properly Store Inventory in a Storage Unit

A thriving and growing business always has a plan when it comes to storing inventory and excess stock. Whether your business is just starting up or has been a staple in the community for many years, you should always be looking for new and innovative ways to store the items that can save you money in the long run.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to overspend on extra retail space or commercial warehousing to get the space you need for inventory. You can rent a self-storage unit that has sufficient space for all your needs.

If this is something you are looking into or planning to do, then read on to discover how you can maximize the space in a storage unit and properly store your inventory for future use.

Have a Plan

Dedicate some time to plan out how you will store and organize your inventory within the storage unit. Make a list of everything that you intend to store in self-storage, and consider how much space everything will take. You can organize by type of item to make it easier when you go to look for things.

Make sure you buy all packing supplies in advance, such as labels, boxes, and any bubble wrap or protective paper wrap. Going in with a plan and setting aside a time/date to tackle the packing and moving will make things much smoother.

Determine Storage Size

You want to make sure you are using the right storage unit size for your needs, whatever they may be. Renting too much or too little space can end up costing you more and being an inconvenience, so you really want to get this part right. If you are unsure how much space you will actually need, you can ask to tour the storage facility and get an idea of the size of units available before you commit to leasing.

You can also talk to a storage consultant who will guide you in the right direction, depending on your needs. It’s always better to choose a unit that is bigger than what you need, rather than smaller. This way, you have room to grow should you gain more inventory in the future or should your business grow over the months and years.

List Everything

As previously touched upon, list everything that you are planning on putting into your storage unit. This will not only give you an idea of the size of the unit you need, but it will also help you organize and group everything while storing.

Keep your list somewhere where you can easily access it, as you may use it later on to create a spreadsheet of inventory for all your items.

Get Help

Packing and moving all of your inventory into self-storage can be a difficult task, so make sure to ask for help when you need it. There are professional movers that can help you for an affordable price if you don’t want to ask friends, family, or employees.

Pack Items Correctly

Since you definitely don’t want to damage your inventory or have things go missing in the process of moving, take your time and don’t rush packing. Pack wisely so that nothing is at risk of being damaged.

Use bubble wrap and sturdy, heavy-duty plastic bins if you need to. Packing your items with care will definitely help you in the long run and make the transition smoother, as you won’t have to worry about things breaking while in storage.

Get Insurance

Some storage facilities actually require that you have insurance on the items being stored. Check the rules and regulations of your intended storage facility, and make sure you take out insurance if necessary. It will help give you some peace of mind should anything go wrong while your things are being stored. This is especially useful for business inventory, as items can be costly to replace and end up causing you and your business financial hardship.

Use Climate-Controlled Storage

Using climate-controlled storage is the way to go when storing your business inventory. This means that your items will be kept in stable temperatures and not exposed to extremes such as high heat and humidity, which can harbour mould, bacteria, and damage certain materials beyond repair.

Always ensure the storage facility you are using offers climate-controlled units, even if you have to pay extra for that benefit. It will be worth it, as your items will stay in pristine condition for the duration of storage.

Business storage doesn’t have to be a headache for you or your employees. It can be as simple as sticking to a plan and having convenient and affordable storage solutions available to you. Don’t waste your money on expensive retail or warehousing space. Consider alternative options and research top self-storage facilities near you.

For more information on business storage solutions in Toronto and the GTA, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here, and a representative will reach out to you shortly. We look forward to helping you find the right storage solutions for your business and lifestyle. Contact us today for more information on our climate-controlled units and services.

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