26 Dec 2016

Benefits Of Storage Rentals For Parents

As a parent, you’re the logistical coordinator of the home. Your kids just don’t have any idea of what goes into running and organizing it a lot of the time. The house can seem like a place of infinite space, capable of accommodating absolutely anything and everything. You know better.

The Benefits Of Storage Rentals If You're A Parent

Often times, tough decisions have to be made about what to store, where to store it, and conversely, what to give away, recycle etc. If you are a parent, and you just don’t know what to do with the surplus of stuff you have accumulated throughout your family’s life, below are some of the benefits of storage rentals.

Kids Away at School

It’s sad to send your babies off to post-secondary, but it’s equally sad to then have to let their rooms sit idle while they are away at school. If they have gone away to university somewhere else in the country, and won’t be home for four months, or even the entire year, you will probably want to reclaim the considerable amount of space in their room for other pressing storage needs.

Lay Your Kid’s Things away

This is related to the above. When your children are away studying at university, they will probably be doing a lot of coming back and forth between semesters. They also, however, will eventually be moving out of the family home for good (you hope). They likely have some furniture, or even some personal belongings that they would like to take with them to their first house or apartment. Put bulky items in storage for them so when it comes time to finally leave the nest, they can pick and choose what they want to bring with them.

Holiday Decorations

As a parent, you are in charge of making the holidays fun, at least while the kids are little. This means having on hand an assortment of holiday decorations that you have to store for the majority of the year when they are not in use. Holiday decorations take up a considerable amount of storage space and are in fact one of the most popularly stored items in self-storage units.

Old Mattresses

As your kids grow, so to do their needs for bigger and bigger sleeping arrangements. This means that, throughout their lives, they will be graduating from mattress to mattress. You can’t store an infinite amount of mattresses, but you also never know when you might need an extra mattress, or find someone you know in need of one. Having a storage unit where you can keep things like old mattresses that are still functional is a good idea, because as anyone who has ever bought a new mattress knows, they are expensive!

Nobody has an unlimited amount of storage space to work with in their home, and if you have kids, you have even less. Keep the above benefits of self-storage spaces for parents in mind, and make sure you have explored all your storage options for when the kids head off to university, for old mattresses and for all those holiday decorations.

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