Why do you need to use a self-storage unit?
14 Jan 2020

Why Do You Need to Use a Self-Storage Unit?

A recent survey of self-storage customers revealed that most of them use storage facilities for moving. There are many other self-storage uses for individuals, households, and businesses, including storing important items that would otherwise make your home look disorganized. For instance, if you have a speed boat, vintage car, recreational vehicle, quad bike, or bicycle that is only used a few months every year, then it’s better to keep it in a storage unit when it’s not in use, rather than occupying valuable space at home.

There are many other reasons why people choose to rent storage space. Here are some of the common self-storage uses:


You can store any unused items in your home or office in a storage unit, freeing up your space while creating room to store more essential items. Seasonal items like gardening equipment, outdoor furniture, holiday decorations, summer or winter clothes, outdoor appliances, gardening tools and equipment, vehicles, and so on can be safely stored in your unit for a few months. Items going into storage must be thoroughly cleaned and carefully packed to ensure they’re in good condition when you need to use them.


Any items that you don’t plan on keeping, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and clothes, can be safely kept in your self-storage unit pending possible donation or resale. Any reputable self-storage company should allow you to change the size of your unit according to your needs. So if you need to start with a larger unit size, you can switch to a smaller one after removing some of the items.

Store Seasonal Items

Many things in your home are seasonal, which means they’re only useful for a few months each year, and spend most of the time in storage. For instance, outdoor furniture and grilling appliances are only used during the four months of summer, and stay in storage for eight months. Other seasonal items such as gardening tools and equipment, workshop tools and machines, and holiday decorations can also be put in a storage unit when they’re not in use to free up space while making it easier to keep things organized at home.

Preparing to Have a Baby

Having a newborn can change your current accommodation arrangements, requiring you to completely clear a room to care for your baby’s needs, move things around to make the home safer, and make other changes to make daily activities more efficient when the baby comes. Any items that need to be removed, such as beds, desks, chairs, cabinets, and so on, can be put in storage to make space for the baby’s essentials. After a few years, you can move the baby’s items to storage and remove the other items that will now be useful from storage, saving you the cost of buying new items every time you have a baby. Eventually, you can sell any items that are in good condition, donate them, or pass them on to your children.

Temporarily Moving Abroad

There are many reasons why you may need to leave your current place of residence for a period of time, like for work or study purposes. If you already have a completely furnished home with valuable items, you may choose to move them to storage to avoid the high cost of replacing them when you return. As a homeowner, moving your items to storage will allow you to rent out your home while you’re away for extra revenue.

Moving Out

Whether it is the end of a relationship or your children have moved out, you can rent a storage unit to safely store any household or personal items during the transition period. You can then plan how to handle them at your own pace, while keeping your home organized.


If you’re planning to renovate your home or remodel multiple rooms, it is recommended that you clear the work site to provide enough space for the contractors to carry out the work. This is important to not only protect your valuables from damage, but also to ensure the safety and efficiency of the contractors. Similarly, if you’re planning a home extension project, you may consider renting a self-storage unit for the same benefits. Home extensions involve a lot more work and take longer to finish, so it’s a good idea to move any valuables to a self-storage unit for their safety. Some facilities require a minimum rental term of one month, though some can store your items for a couple of weeks where you pay per day. Depending on the estimated duration of your renovation project, you can choose an appropriate plan that fits your budget and timeframe.

Safe Storage

Although keeping your valuables at home where you can keep your eyes on them gives you a peace of mind, it shouldn’t be much different from keeping them in a well-secured self-storage unit. Storage facilities use advanced technology to secure the units, with video surveillance, security guards, access control, and exterior lighting to improve visibility, among others. In addition, you should be able to access your storage unit day or night in case you need to retrieve an item or add to the items already in storage.

Mitigating Risks

If you are keeping work tools or other dangerous items at home that are likely to cause injury to your loved ones, especially if you have small children, you may need to consider moving them to a storage unit to reduce the risk of injury and accidents. Gardening, workshop, or construction tools and equipment, such as drills, hammers, saws, tinsnips, nail guns, ladders, and so on should be kept safely away from the reach of children. If you don’t use them frequently, you may store them in a storage unit and retrieve them only when you have an ongoing project.

Opportunity for Hoarding

As you accumulate valuable possessions through life, it can become difficult to get rid of them as you upgrade or downsize. Fortunately, renting a self-storage unit for the long term gives you the space you need to store all the items you want for as long as you need, without cluttering your home or office. You can access or remove the items from storage at a later date when you need to use them, pass them on to your children, donate them, or even sell them.

Final Note

Keep in mind that self-storage units come in a variety of sizes. This means that you can rent a small unit to keep a few items, or a larger unit that can accommodate large items like recreational vehicles, canoes, vintage cars, ski boats, and so on. Moreover, you can change your unit to a larger one if you find that the space is not enough for all your needs.

If you would like more information about our self-storage services in Toronto, then contact Jiffy Self-Storage here.

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