Tips for Storage Unit Maintenance
24 Jul 2019

Tips for Storage Unit Maintenance

There are an estimated 48,500 storage facilities across the United States yet only 10 percent of self-storage centers had space available. That means there are a lot of Americans who have a storage unit for their extra valuables. Those who rent a unit often do so for over a year.

Over that length of time, it is easy for people to forget about their storage unit because they don’t have to see it every day. This, in turn, allows the storage unit to get dusty, messy and even have mould and mildew growth.

While keeping your home clean and clutter free is one of the best reasons to use a storage unit, allowing the unit to go unkept does not properly protect your possessions. Unclean storage units can not only damage your belongings but they can also pose a health risk.

There are a few things that you can do to keep your storage unit clean and sorted. These include:

  1. Get motivated

  2. The first place to start when it comes to cleaning your storage space is to get in the right mindset. When it comes to cleaning you need to be in the right mental space to get the job done. Most often people put off cleaning their storage unit for “another day”. In order to protect your belongings and ensure they are kept clean and intact regularly cleaning of your unit is important. If you are struggling to get in the right mood to get it done, consider how good it will feel when your space has been cleaned and looks like new.

  3. Store the right materials

  4. What you keep in your storage unit is important. Perishable foods are not a good idea for storage spaces as they can go bad. When this happens they not only create a smell but they can cause damage to items around them as they spoil. They can also attract pests, which presents another health hazard to your belongings, as well as valuables of other clients who use the facility.

  5. Keep a list

  6. One of the goals of having a storage facility is to reduce the amount of clutter in your life, so it makes sense to keep your storage area organized. To accomplish this, it is recommended you keep a list of the items in your storage unit. You can use this to arrange and sort your items. You can also use a labelling system that will allow you to find what you need quickly.

  7. Stay supplied

  8. When it comes time to clean up your storage space you can save on time by having extra supplies in your storage unit. Make sure that you label them and make them easy to find.

  9. Regular cleaning

  10. It is important to clean your unit regularly. Whether you set some time aside each month or every couple of months. By doing a regular cleaning you can check on your valuables and maintain the condition of your storage unit. This will help you spot any risks before they become problems. It also gives you an opportunity to look over the items in your storage space and get rid of any that you don’t need to keep any longer.

  11. Have a checklist

  12. Develop a checklist of things that you need to do and complete when you clean your storage unit. This will help you to be efficient when you do stop in to clean up your rental space. Some things you may want to add to your list include re-organizing items in your boxes, checking the condition of your valuables, replacing worn out boxes or storage containers, dusting, and cleaning the floor.

  13. Consider an upgrade

  14. If you find that your storage space is getting too cluttered it may be time to get a bigger unit. You can also divide up your storage space with room dividers. Placing furniture in new positions might also help you make better use of the space.

  15. Change your containers

  16. Dust can accumulate in any type of space, so you should keep your items in containers and plastic bags to protect them. These types of storage options cannot be damaged as easily and are quicker to clean. Remember that the items in your storage unit are ones that you will want back in your home one day. It is a good practice to take care of them as if they were already in your house.

  17. Clear out unwanted stuff

  18. It is a good idea to go through your storage unit every few months and see if there are some items that you don’t want to hang onto anymore. These can be sold or donated. This is also a good time to locate the items that you want to take back home with you.

  19. Be realistic

  20. Cleaning your storage unit can be a big job. If it helps, consider breaking it down into smaller jobs. Tackling one section at a time can make the job feel more manageable.

With the number of self-storage units growing, it is important to keep your valuables safe and protected. This includes regular maintenance and cleaning of your storage unit. Make a schedule and plan, create a list, ensure you have all the cleaning supplies on-site at your storage unit, use the best containers, and regularly sort through your items. Once cleaning your storage unit becomes a habit you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are secure and in good condition.

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