Reasons to Rent Summer Storage
28 Jun 2019

Reasons to Rent Summer Storage

Many homeowners are now choosing to rent a storage unit over the summer season. In this latest post, we’ll look at the summer unit rental season and explore why so many are now choosing to rent storage units for the summer.

Find Space for Winter Sports Gear

Many Canadians love playing winter sports such as hockey and curling. But there isn’t always enough space in the home to keep your sports gear safe. That’s why many are now renting a summer storage unit — so they can move their belongings out of the home during the warmer months. This means that you can also take out your summer sports equipment such as soccer goals, tennis racquets, and basketball nets out of the storage unit. You’ll be able to keep your winter gear safe ready for the return of the cooler months.

Protection for Winter Clothes

Without having access to dedicated storage space, your winter clothes can become dusty and musty, placed at the back of your closet. Most of us don’t give our winter clothes a second thought when the temperatures change, but it’s critical these items are protected ready to be worn again when the winter arrives later in the year. Take the time to place your winter clothes in sealed containers and store them for the summer months.

Store Valuables While on Vacation

You require the highest level of security for your valuables when you’re going to be spending time away from home during your summer vacation. That’s why so many homeowners are now turning to summer storage options. Summer storage allows you to store items like jewelry and family keepsakes in a protected unit while you are on vacation. Most companies now deploy the latest technology to protect their units, ensuring that your precious items are secured throughout the months to come.

Prepare for Trips with Your Boat

With the summer offering numerous opportunities to take a trip via boat, you can use your summer storage unit to protect your boat until you’re ready to begin the trip. Most prefer to leave their boat in their storage unit, rather than simply having the vessel on their driveway. This helps ensure the boat is safe from criminal damage and theft until you’re ready to hit the open waters. Most storage companies offer a range of parking and storage options for vehicles such as RVs and boats.

Full Climate Control

One of the leading considerations in choosing a storage unit for the coming months is finding a company that offers a climate-controlled space for your belongings. Ensure you work with a qualified firm that can help ensure your summer storage unit is protected against humidity. Humidity can also lasting damage to any electronics stored within the unit. For example, you cannot store laptops or old kitchen equipment in your unit if the wiring can be damaged by the moisture in the air.

Make sure that each unit you rent for the coming months has the required level of humidity control. Temperature control is another important issue to consider. If you’re storing furniture for the summer months, the furniture can warp and change shape if temperatures in the environment change rapidly. Ensure the unit has the highest quality protection against large swings in temperature.

Plan for Family Visits

During the summer season, you’re more likely to have your family visit the home and to spend time with them over several weeks. You’ll need to ensure that there’s enough room throughout the property so that you can host your loved ones. This often means placing furniture and other belongings in storage over the summer. Make sure you call your local storage provider early in the summer so that you’re ready for your family to arrive. You should be able to plan effectively for moving out larger items within the home.

Renting for College Students

With the school season now over for the next several months, young students are now heading back to their parents’ homes and will need a place in which to store the belongings they’ve used during the school year. There are companies that excel in this area and who can offer your school-aged children access to high-quality storage facilities.

When reviewing the options for student storage in the summer, make sure that you book a unit that will fit at least one room’s worth of furniture and personal belongings. Visit the unit before you make a decision and speak with the unit owner about renting for the entire summer in order to reduce the monthly rental costs.

Take Time to Clean the Garage

It’s the perfect time in the year to take stock of the products you have left in your garage and to clean out any items that are no longer being used and to store them for a later time. When reviewing the garage, make sure you consider the lifespan of certain products and the value these products can offer for the years ahead.

Take the old workbench out of storage and place it back in the garage and take the kids’ hockey gear to the storage unit for safekeeping during the warmer months. It’s a process that may take a day or more but will help to keep an important part of your home neat and tidy this summer.

To learn more about the reasons to rent summer storage, call Jiffy Self Storage at or 416-745-4339 contact us here.

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