Move Smart with 11 Must-Have Storage Unit Supplies
2 Aug 2019

Move Smart with 11 Must-Have Storage Unit Supplies

Sometimes, life hands us unexpected challenges. When it comes to moving, one of these challenges can be finding sufficient space, especially when a new home doesn’t offer the same square footage or storage areas as our previous home. Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about how to fit that beloved dishware handed down from your great aunt into cramped kitchen cabinets. The solution? Self-storage. Rented either temporarily or on a permanent basis, the use of a self-storage unit means you can say goodbye to painful partings with your favourite things. To help you fill your storage unit using the best methods, we’ve compiled a list of top must-have storage supplies.

1. Bubble wrap

If you’ve ever gone through the nerve-wracking experience of ordering something big and fragile for home delivery, chances are the bag or box was lined with plenty of bubble wrap. This is because when it comes to preventing breakage, using a good amount of heavy-duty bubble wrap is the equivalent of strapping your things up into a collision-proof helmet. (Just keep these wrappings out of the hands of kids—and some adults—because bubble wrap popping has proven a popular pastime. Future fun and safety combined? Sounds like a win-win to us.)

2. Packing paper

Not every fragile item works well with the bulk of bubble wrap. An old tried-and-true method has been wrapping up items in old newsprint, but this can come with annoying ink stains. The last thing you want to do after unpacking is also washing a heap of dirty dishes. This isn’t even to mention that not everyone in our digital age has a ton of newspapers on hand anymore. A great investment is ink-free packing paper, which promises all the benefits of newspaper, with none of the hassle. Packing paper is also a great option for filling empty spaces in boxes to prevent loose objects from shifting and breaking.

3. Mattress covers

Nothing kills fabric like exposure to the elements. Even the great indoors are hardly immune to damage, as our ongoing battle with closet mothballs and mold has proven over the centuries. While storage units are secure, unwanted dust and dampness have a tendency to make themselves at home anywhere uncovered, which is why mattress covers are your best bet to prolong the life of a costly mattress. If you have beds in different sizes, don’t worry about struggling with mismatched dimensions. Look for mattress covers in twin, full, queen, and king sizes for your convenience.

4. Tape rolls and dispensers

Whether you’re looking into renting a storage unit or already have one, you can never go wrong by having a few tape rolls and dispensers on hand. As you add items to your storage unit, boxing up items securely will be a cinch if you’re prepared. You can even go the extra mile with power seal tape. This heavy-duty option guarantees protection against the elements and can even be used to seal and repair.

5. Dish and glass guard kits

Raise an (unchipped) glass to glass guard kits, which ensure that all your favourite fine-stemmed wine glasses and cups are securely packed away. Dish guards are ideal for keeping plates and bowls from breakage.

6. Picture and mirror frame kits

A lot of pictures and mirror frames are unique, costly, and hard to replace. When it comes to these big-item breakables, why not invest in a kit specialized to keep sheets of glass intact? Picture and mirror frame kits take the guesswork and awkwardness of packing out of the equation.

7. Wardrobe hanger bars

Chances are that you have plenty of hangers you’re taking on your move, but those do little good if you don’t have anywhere to hang them! Rather than risk a ton of wrinkles and dampness by packing clothes into stifling bags and boxes, invest in a wardrobe hanger bar. With hanger bars, you won’t have to worry about bringing out the iron or wasting a spin in the dryer when it’s finally time to dig into your prized wardrobe. Complement the use of this practical item by zipping silky blouses, dresses, and suits into garment bags so you can be event-ready with outfits that no one will ever know came straight out of storage.

8. Boxes, boxes, boxes!

We probably don’t need to tell you that good, old fashioned boxes are a staple item, and having plenty of them can only work in your favour. Look for them in various dimensions to suit big and small storage needs, along with those odd items that never seem to fit anywhere. Speaking of boxes, crucial documents and papers can be kept organized with the purchase of a file box. Sure, regular boxes will do the trick by getting them from Point A to B, but why deal with a headache of loose paper stacks when compartmentalized options are available?

9. Carton cutters

Of course, all the boxes and tape in the world are no good if you can’t access your items when you’re ready. Carton cutters are designed to glide effortlessly through heavy-duty tape, boxes, and cartons, so having one on hand is essential.

10. Tie down rope

If you want to keep big items secure—think a covered mattress and dresser—tying items together with rope will help during transit in and out of storage units.

11. Laminated locks

Rest easy at night knowing that your storage unit is fully secure against theft with a high-quality laminated lock. These rust-proof locks are designed to weather the elements without losing their steel grip on doors, chests, and lockboxes.

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At Jiffy Self-Storage, we understand the importance of moving well-prepared and reducing stress and costs when it comes to investing in storage units. To learn more about self-storage unit must-haves available to you, call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339), or contact us here.

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