How to make your storage unit more accessible by optimizing space?
28 Jun 2021

How to Optimize Space in Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

Self-storage and rental storage units are a great way to sustain a minimalist lifestyle and keep your home free from clutter. It’s easy enough to pack your excess belongings into bins and boxes that go directly into your storage unit.

However, depending on how much you have to store or how many items you accumulate over time, your storage unit can become overloaded and messy.

This can cause potential problems in the event of a fire or flood and prevent you or anyone else from easily accessing the unit when there are piles of items blocking the entry. In order to maintain organization within your storage unit, there are some popular tips and tricks to follow so you get the most out of the space that you pay for and keep the unit from becoming too cluttered.

Read our guide below to learn how you can optimize your space.

Ensure Accurate Measurements

One way to save money, as well as space in your storage unit, is to ensure that you choose the right size and measure correctly when choosing your unit. If you choose a unit that is too small for your belongings, items will end up being crammed inside which could potentially cause damage.

The right amount of space will also be able to accommodate an aisle or space for a walkway, giving you safe and adequate access to your belongings. If you are unsure about what size of unit to choose and which unit will store all of your belongings best, you can check out our size guide to help you with your estimate. Alternatively, you can always contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with sizing.

Use A Packing System Or Map

In order to have your items easily accessible and clearly visible, it’s important to have some sort of system that enables you to trace where your items are stored. Different systems include labels, maps, a list of contents or a combination of methods.

Whatever you decide, be consistent with your efforts. For example, label each box numerically and create a master contents list that identifies what’s in each box by number. Post this list by the entryway or somewhere easy to access. You can also keep a copy with you.

You might also choose to divide the unit into sections or areas and designate a category for each section. Perhaps you want to keep items such as clothing and kitchen supplies upfront, whereas items you will not need regular access to, can go towards the back. Keep in mind that whichever method you use doesn’t need to be perfect as long as you can understand it and it works for you.

Utilize Space Wisely

In terms of space, you need to think creatively in order to get the most use out of your space. It’s ok to deviate from the norm when it comes to space and storage solutions. Don’t just pile boxes up on the ground, use the space you have vertically to put up shelving. Just remember not to pile items up too high as this could pose a safety risk. Try to use what you have when it comes to shelving.

You can easily DIY shelves from wooden planks or utilize shelving units from your existing furniture. Before putting in any shelving, it’s a good idea to review your storage contract and check with your storage facility to ensure that installing shelving is allowed.

Use Boxes for Stacking

When it comes to preparing your storage and packing your items away, it’s a good general rule to use boxes instead of bagging items. Not only are boxes much neater, but they are also sturdier and can protect your belongings from outside elements. Bags can easily tear, rip or trap excess moisture, which can damage the contents. Plus, boxes can be easily stacked allowing you to utilize your space effectively. Also, remember to choose climate-controlled storage to keep your items in pristine condition regardless of weather extremes.

Roll Clothing to Store and Disassemble Furniture

Another great tip when it comes to optimizing space is to roll clothing up tightly when packing it in boxes and to disassemble any furniture so that it takes up less room in your unit. Another advantage of rolling your clothes is that items stay wrinkle-free so you can wear them right after unboxing.

Disassembling your furniture will help prevent them from getting damaged when moving things around or in and out of the unit. Just remember to secure any hardware and any small or loose pieces to the furniture with tape.

Optimizing space in your storage unit will save you time and energy while helping to keep your belongings safe and organized. Once you establish a method and stick to it, the order should be easy to maintain.

To learn more about renting self-storage, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here.

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