9 Nov 2015

How To Make Your Garage Attractive And Efficient

If you’ve been longing to transform your garage from that dirty, cluttered catch-all into the organized, stylish space you’ve always wanted, then it is time to get creative and think outside the box. Striking the balance between aesthetics and functionality is what every homeowner strives for, but it is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Make Your Garage Attractive

You may have to make a few big changes, such as finally making the move to downsize and get rid of a few heaps of junk, but in the end it’s all worth it! The best part about creating a custom garage is that you can do so on virtually any budget; with a limitless supply of storage products and DIY ideas to choose from, you are bound only by your imagination. Keep your eyes on the prize (i.e. that clean workspace/relaxing outdoor escape) and get to work!

Get the Garage You’ve Always Dreamed of

  1. Take Advantage of Overhead Storage

    Chances are your garage has more than enough space for all your storage needs and then some; you just are not making the most of it. Those walls and ceiling are there for a reason, after all. With a dedicated overhead storage system, you can keep your belongings off the ground and free up some much needed space. Stop tripping over boxes and take your garage back once and for all.

  2. Use Shoe Racks to Store Lawn and Garden Tools

    The key to organizing any garage is grouping like items together. Wall-mounted racks are an excellent way to keep track of rakes, shovels, and every other tool you currently have tossed about. These items are much safer off the ground, too.

  3. Buy or Build a Workbench

    To make the distinction between work and play, you need to have a designated work space. Modern benches come in varying types and sizes, and often come with multiple shelves and drawers for stowing hand tool and miscellaneous materials.

  4. Hang Themed Pictures, Mini-Fridge, and More!

    What garage would not be complete without a few vintage paintings or posters? This is where you get to truly make the space your own. If you have extra space available, consider installing a couch and a mini-fridge for when you want to hang out with friends.

Your garage is much more than a storage room. Take advantage of its potential by buying the proper organization equipment and adding a few personal touches. This project can be completed in a weekend or two if you are committed!

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