26 Aug 2016

Can I Store Electronics In A Storage Unit?

The one thing that dominates most people’s lives in the 21st century is their electronics. Phones, tablets, computers, laptops, televisions, video game consoles, the list goes on. While they certainly are capable of making our lives more fun and entertaining, the constant release of new models and new technology means we are always upgrading and discarding. Many of the electronics we end up replacing are still valuable and can still be put to good use, we just don’t have anywhere to put them. If you are already familiar with the benefits of self storage and are wondering if you can place electronics in a self-storage units as well, the answer is: yes. Below are some things to keep in mind, however, when placing electronics in a self-storage unit.

Safely Storing Electronics In Self Storage

Consult the owner’s manual. If you still have the documentation that came with your TV, stereo, or television consult it; it likely contains important information regarding safe and proper storage, including temperature constraints, and packing requirements to ensure that it doesn’t break.

If possible, use the box it came in. The box that your electronics came in, and the packing material used to keep it secure and undamaged, is the best storing method. The packaging and packing materials were designed to protect the item during shipping, probably over vast distances, and will hold up well under most storage conditions.

Detach wires and other accessories. This will not only help you save on space, but it will protect the other important electronic components that are part and parcel of the device, whether it’s a television, an Xbox, or a home sound system.

Keep your screens protected. If you no longer have the original boxes that the electronics came in, make sure to wrap screens with anti-static foam to keep the screens in good working order while they are being stored. Add some additional filler into the box for added protection, including bubble wrap. Seal the box and tape it shut.

Look for a climate controlled environment. Electronics and water do not mix. If you live in a climate which experiences extreme humidity throughout the year and are planning on keeping your electronics in storage for extended periods of time, make sure you look for a facility which has climate-controlled units which make sure that the ambient temperature is optimal for storing electronics.

The bottom line is: yes, you can store electronics in a self storage unit. However, they require special care and treatment to keep them in full working order. If you have spare electronics around your home that you would like to keep, but which you either don’t have the room for, or you have bought the upgraded version of, consider keeping them in a self-storage space until you find another use for them.

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