storage units guide for beginners
11 Sep 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Storage Units

For those who have never rented a storage unit, it can be a confusing process. There are a number of factors that you need to consider and the process varies in complexity depending on your specific needs. For both short-term and long-term storage, it is important to research your options and their exact prices, including all fees, taxes, and “hidden” costs.

It is crucial that you trust the storage company that is holding your precious belongings for days, weeks, or months at a time, and this requires detailed research on the specific security offerings of each individual company. Depending on the belongings you are storing, there are a wide range of options available, including indoor and outdoor storage, budget storage, and long-term discount storage. With so many options available, the process becomes more complex with every item you put in storage. This guide is a breakdown of storage units for beginners.

Storage Units in Canada

Currently, Canadian homes simply have “too much stuff.” Many Canadians have precious belongings that they need to store, but they simply do not have the space. As home prices continue to increase, it is difficult to find residential areas with adequate storage space for families. As a result, families are exploring alternate storage options.

From short-term storage while you are looking for an apartment to long-term storage during a year abroad, storage facilities are catering to the storage needs of virtually every demographic. Demand for storage space has increased dramatically in recent years, which has increased the price of storage space. It is crucial for you, as a prospective customer, to research your storage options and find the right fit for your belongings, your lifestyle, and your budget. At Jiffy Self-Storage, our trained representatives will help you explore our wide range of options until we find the perfect fit for your possessions.

Unit Sizes & Accessibility

For obvious reasons, the first thing to consider when researching storage lockers is the size of unit you require to store your possessions. When considering multiple items such as boxes and furniture, it is best to estimate slightly high on how much space you will need. This offers you the opportunity to create an aisle down the middle of your locker, making everything accessible at all times.

However, if you are storing your belongings long-term and do not need access to them at all, you can pack your possessions into a smaller space. Once you have an idea of the space and accessibility you need, you can examine other factors including climate, price, security, access, and perks.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we offer mini units as small as 5’ x 5’ x 5’ at a fraction of the cost of larger storage options. These units are perfect for students and travellers who need a small, accessible space to store their belongings with the flexibility of ending their storage term at their own discretion. We offer discounts for extended terms but do not require our customers to sign long-term commitments. Our trained representatives will help you estimate the size of locker you will need and make sure you will have convenient access to your possessions, if necessary. For a detailed look at our units sizes, explore our website here.

Indoor Storage

Once you have found a locker that fits your budget and your storage needs, climate and security become key concerns. Your requirements will largely revolve around what kinds of items you are storing. For furniture, personal items, and other house basics, indoor storage offers the benefit of climate control. Many storage facilities maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level to ensure your possessions will not be compromised by the weather.

Indoor storage units offer the peace of mind that antiques and other delicate items remain in pristine condition throughout their storage term. Beyond the consistent climate, indoor storage facilities also offer exceptional security. At Jiffy Self-Storage, we offer set access hours to prevent overnight stays and late-night vandalism. Our facilities also have computer access systems to prevent unwelcome individuals from entering the premises. The safety and security of your possessions is our primary concern.

Outdoor Storage

For vehicles, boats, and other large items, outdoor storage may be more suitable. This offers the ample space you need for large items and the convenience of outdoor accessibility. Many outdoor storage facilities, house boats, and other water equipment in the winter and snowmobiles t in the summer.

Our Jiffy Self-Storage representatives are happy to accommodate customer needs, including block heaters for winter storage and your choice of parking location. Outdoor lots also have a number of security measures in place. Like our indoor storage facilities, our lots have computer access systems. As well, they are equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras with live recording and a range of security alarms in case of theft or emergency. We recognize that your vehicles, trailers, boats, and other large items are expensive investments, and we take pride in ensuring your peace of mind while your possessions are in storage.

Details and Fine Print

When researching storage companies, it is crucial to read the fine print of every contract. Hidden fees and extra costs do occur in the storage industry, and it is important to understand the full price of your locker before you commit. Also, make sure you agree to the storage term, if there is one, so that you are not forced to pay for a unit you no longer need. Be sure to read the details of the unit before you sign a contract.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we make our costs as transparent as possible. We appreciate that you are trusting us with your valuable possessions and nostalgic items, and your peace of mind is our primary concern.

For more information about our storage options, or to receive a quote based on your storage needs, call Jiffy Self Storage at 416-74-JIFFY or contact us here.

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