2 Sep 2016

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Your Things To A Storage Facility

Storage facilities can help protect your most precious family heirlooms against damaging conditions. They can also offer a convenient storage option for older furniture and other items that don’t have an immediate use. But when transferring their belongings to storage facilities, many property owners make significant mistakes. In this latest post we’ll outline five mistakes to avoid when moving your things to a storage facility.

Mistakes Made In Choosing Storage Facilities

  1. Choosing the Wrong Unit

    When trying to quickly move their things from the home to a storage facility, many people choose the wrong unit for their needs. For example, they don’t recognize that old family heirlooms and expensive furniture require a temperature-controlled environment to avoid damage. This can mean they come back to find their belongings ruined by moisture and other temperature-related elements.

  2. Not Checking Boxes

    When moving boxes from the home to a storage facility, it’s critical to check the boxes carefully. You may find that they’ve become infested with insects, which might damage the items within the box. For example, many people find that their stored clothing boxes attract moths, which then eat through cotton and other materials and cause irreparable damage.

  3. Placing Items They Need at the Back

    It’s important to come up with a storage plan when moving your property into a facility. You might find that it’s easier to store heavier items at the front, but this can make it difficult later on when you don’t have assistance and you need to move another box into the area. Consider placing items that you may need within a quick timeframe at the front of the area. This will ensure you can easily pick up those extra diapers or that bike when you need to.

  4. Not Labeling

    Labeling is one of the fundamentals of the home moving process. But many homeowners neglect to label their stored items carefully. This can lead to confusion later when they come to retrieve their belongings. Simply labeling all stored boxes can help limit headaches later on.

  5. Not Covering Furniture

    While you might not have any use for that old chair or couch now, you might find a function for it later. Try to keep in the best condition possible by covering it with a moisture-proof material while in storage. This can help you achieve a full return for your investment in the storage facility.

Our team of storage experts is available now to answer your questions and help you efficiently move your belongings into storage! To learn more, call us today!

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