24 Mar 2017

5 Creative Tips For Your Storage Unit

Self storage units are incredibly useful when space in your home or office is at a premium. Keeping seasonal goods, excess inventory, even seasonal vehicles safely stowed away in a self storage unit provides great peace of mind when you just don’t have another square foot of space to spare. But many people have found more creative ways to get a lot out of their storage facilities. Below are some tips for helping you get creative and get the most out of your self storage unit.

How To Get Creative With Your Storage Unit

Private Office Space

There are countless tales of people starting a multi-million dollar, even billion dollar (think Apple) business in their garage. Well, why not a self storage space. Storage facilities are fast becoming popular alternatives to traditional office space, what with the much lower cost per square foot, flexible rental contracts and round the clock security.

Photography or Art Studio

A self storage facility is a great alternative for artists seeking something much less costly than traditional studio or gallery space. One of the best things about using a storage unit for this purpose is that they are completely distraction free. Any artist or photographer who has ever tried to set up a home studio knows that there are often just too many things getting in the way of their work to truly be successful.


If you are someone who likes to do things themselves, you know that the process often entails quite a lot of mess. It feels great to complete a new project, but not so great when the collateral damage ends up making a mess, or a wreck of your home. Self storage facilities are great alternatives to a home workshop because the space is simple and designed to stand up to wear and tear.

Inventory Storage

Many businesses, especially small businesses run out of people’s homes, are turning to self storage as a way to avoid storing inventory at home. Not only do storage facilities allow you to store important pieces of your operations in a safe, secure place, but if you are operating out of a limited space, they can provide extra room that will allow you to keep more inventory in stock and grow your business confidently.

Private Sales Showroom

If you are in the business of buying and selling goods online and would like the option of a physical show room or traditional brick and mortar location where people can see what you are offering, up close and in person, a storage facility offers exactly that. If your buyer is in the same city as you and would like to see an item before making a purchase, or even purchase something on the spot, a private sales showroom in a self storage unit may be what you need.

With a little creativity and a willingness to experiment, you can turn a storage unit from simple storage space into a place to pursue your hobbies, store your inventory and grow your business. Keep the above creative self storage tips in mind and realize the full potential of a self storage unit.

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