Choosing the Best Lock for Your Storage Unit
20 Aug 2018

Choosing The Best Lock For Your Storage Unit

Safety and protection is a priority for everyone. When you obtain a self-storage unit, you’ll need to purchase a lock to secure the door of the unit before you begin to move your belongings into it.

If you’re in the market for a lock for your storage unit, here are some of the best-recommended locks currently on the market:


These are the most popular type of lock for storage units since their round shape makes them difficult to cut. Unlike padlocks and combination locks, the locking bar is short and not easily accessed when the lock is in place, thus an intruder would have a difficult time trying to pry a wedge between the lock in order to cut it. Disc locks have thick shackles, making it very difficult to break the lock.

One thing you should be wary of with these types of locks are people who are skilled at picking locks. However, you will find that some disc locks also come with anti-pick pins for added security. Disc-locks are highly recommended by storage facilities as well and can be purchased for about $14.95.


These locks are considered medium security and you can enhance the security of padlocks if you purchase a larger one. If someone attempted to cut the lock with bolt cutters, they would have some level of difficulty in doing so because of the strength of the materials.

Weatherproof Padlocks

These are often used on storage units located outdoors. They are great because they are not prone to rusting, they are heavy duty, and will have a greater resistance to freezing in the winter. They are considered medium security similar to the regular padlock because they’re made of a slightly softer material.

Cylinder Locks

These types of locks don’t have external shackles and render bolt cutters useless. However, this type of lock needs to be attached directly to the storage door. Before you purchase a cylinder lock, ask the storage facility first if this lock is allowed.

Advanced Security at Jiffy Self-Storage

If you’re worried about security, here are a few additional safety features that you’ll find at Jiffy Self-Storage to give you peace of mind.

  • Cameras: There are currently 32 cameras strategically placed throughout the facility. The camera system is viewed by the site manager on an oversized screen near his workstation. In addition to this, the cameras are tied into a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which allows the ability to check back and view any suspicious behaviour.
  • Computer Controlled Access System: The only people granted access to our facility are Jiffy customers. When you move in, you are provided with a unique access code for you and that is the only way you can get in. Our computer also logs the various access codes with a date stamp so there’s a record of who entered the facility and if there was an unauthorized access to the building. Jiffy strictly prohibits customers from sleeping in storage units and we are able to effectively monitor these types of activities through this access system.
  • Alarm System: Jiffy is protected by a monitored alarm system. The alarm utilizes the access system to ensure that the building is empty every night by 10:00 pm.
  • Lights: An effective criminal deterrent as well as for safety. A much-ignored security feature in our technologically advanced world is lighting. A well-lit facility makes for a poor target to thieves and others involved in what would be nefarious activities.

Additional Tips to Consider

Although Jiffy Self-Storage offers these enhanced security features, investing in a high-quality lock for your individual storage unit adds that extra layer of security.

  • A good lock will likely cost around $12 to $30 depending on the type and size of the lock.
  • Avoid locks sold in dollar or discount stores. They are usually not durable and can be easily broken or cut open.
  • If you’re prone to losing keys, you should probably opt for a combination padlock.
  • Another thing to consider is if your storage unit door is exposed to the outdoors, you’ll need a lock that is weatherproof.
  • Some latches on the storage unit door may be too large to fit certain disc locks. Before you purchase a lock, take a look at the size of latch you need to put the lock onto to ensure it will fit and lock into place properly.
  • You should never share your lock combination or key with anyone, and remember and keep an inventory of your items in your unit.
    If any of your locks or access codes/passes have been compromised or lost, contact your storage facility manager immediately to have your security features updated.

For more information about self-storage units near you call Jiffy Self-Storage at (416) 745-4339 or contact us here.

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