9 Nov 2009

5 Top Secret Tips For Keeping Storage Costs Low


Or self storage secrets that OTHER Toronto storage companies keep to themselves. 

5. Reduce storage size by reducing total volume of items stored by filling all voids in appliances, washers and dryers, dressers, cabinets, etc. Often by doing this you should be able to reduce down to the next smallest or second next smaller size.

4. Reduce storage room size by stacking high. A little more exerted effort could reduce your storage unit size up to or more than 20%.

3. Leave items that need immediate or frequent access (like tools, personal hygiene, important  papers) that will be moved out first, in a separate compact storage unit — and items that will be moved later, put in another storage room that will be crammed full to the rafters. This way rent stops on the smaller space when you move these items first and you only pay rent on remaining full unit.

If timing for moving will not be optimal for the single over-sized unit and takes place at the beginning of a month, this could  be especially expensive; firstly rent will have to be paid for the balance of the month and secondly, if the unit will be the larger unit used for the entire storage term, you pay rent on the oversized storage space rather than on a smaller remaining size.

2. Don’t waste money storing electronics, computers and entertainment equipment over a long period of time. Technology is advancing so quickly, that what may seem worth storing today, likely won’t be worth the storage costs paid over 2 or 3 years. We have seen many examples of older persons saving stuff for their kids and grandchildren and when the unit is finally emptied out, not even Salvation Army or Goodwill will send anyone to pick it up, not to mention the storage cost over 10-15 years.

If the storage cost is $100 per month, then over 10 years the cost paid out by the estate of the deceased would have been reduced by $12,000. What about a larger space? You do the math. You’ll see what I mean. We have seen this happen time and time again. Today, who would want a Betamax or VHS video recording device? How about a an IBM XP computer or a cathode ray glass tubeTV set. I can go on and on but I don’t want to bore you. I’m sure that you get the gest.

1. And finally, the most important tip of all: If the cost of storage is going to exceed the value of the stored goods, no matter how sentimental the stuff is — sell it, give it away or just throw it out. You’ll have peace of mind when its gone and you won’t have to worry about paying rent each month — and after having paid out so much money, you’ll still have to pay to dispose of worthless junk.

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