Best tips for storing breakable items
11 Oct 2021

Tips for Storing Breakable Items

Items such as glass, porcelain, antiques, heirlooms, and certain types of clothing fabrics can be difficult to deal with, and require special attention when packing up or moving from one location to another. It’s important to preserve the value and quality of these items by storing them the right way in your storage unit. Don’t simply resort to wrapping them in tissue paper and putting them in boxes.

While this may be the most popular method, there are other precautions you should take to ensure your fragile and delicate belongings stay in pristine condition and don’t break during storage. In this article, we will cover what you need to have and what you should do in order to keep your breakable items from getting damaged in long-term storage.

Get Supplies Ready

Before you even begin packing, get organized and take inventory of fragile items that will require special care and packaging. Remember to buy spacious plastic bins that are stackable, bubble wrap, felt dividers, tape, and packing paper. It’s much better to have all your supplies lined up and ready to go before you begin. This way, you will have what you need right in front of you and won’t be tempted to store your items incorrectly or neglect packaging because you don’t have paper or bubble wrap. Make a list and head to the store about a week in advance and you should be good to go!

Line Your Boxes

When packing your fragile items, it makes sense to individually wrap them in some sort of packing paper or bubble wrap (or both). However, what about lining your boxes with these same materials for extra cushioning? This way, if items happen to move around in the box, they won’t be impacted nearly as badly.

Leave Space and Divide

Another great tip when storing antiques, fragile items, or anything remotely valuable is to leave sufficient space between items and to not overload boxes with too much. Everything delicate should have breathing room and be separated from other items that could cause damage if they happen to clash together. Keep only about 3-4 things in each box, and invest in some soft, felt dividers if you need to. These will ensure that items in boxes stay separated and don’t mix or mingle together as you are moving the boxes.

Cover Your Items

Depending on where you are storing your items, you may want to consider additional coverage so that your things don’t get wet in the rain or succumb to the elements. For example, many people choose to store their bikes or other forms of transportation outside on their lawn. If you do so, protect them from the elements by using a tarp, a cover, or moving them to sit somewhere under cover.

Think About Safety

Always think about the safety and security of your items that go into storage. While you may have insurance for your things, it can be hard or nearly impossible to restore or replace antique heirlooms, family jewellery, and other fragile, sentimental pieces. If you are storing anything that you consider to be valuable (and maybe even priceless), then you need to choose a storage unit that has high levels of security.

It may even be a good idea to check out your storage unit of choice before committing to the terms and agreements. Make sure the facilities are clean, well-lit, and secure. There should always be cameras, surveillance, and a good system to ensure no one gets access to your items except for you.

Consider Climate Control

Not only is it important to have the right supplies to pack your fragile belongings, it’s also good to make sure that the conditions of your storage unit are up to par. For example, if you are storing items such as wood, leather, lace, and jewellery, you will need to look into renting climate-controlled storage. This is the only type of storage that is temperature regulated so that your items will not have to face any temperature fluctuations that could damage them. 

Climate-controlled storage ensures that your fragile and delicate pieces stay consistently in good condition throughout the length of their storage. Do not consider anything less when it comes to your precious, fragile, and valuable items. One of the worst things that can happen during self-storage is coming back to your unit only to find that your precious items aren’t in the same condition they originally were. 

Storing your fragile items in improper conditions is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided at all costs. For more information on antique storage in Toronto, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here. Our representatives and professional, knowledgeable team are only one call away. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help during your next move!

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