Storage Tips For Protecting Valuable Collectibles
28 Feb 2018

Tips For Storing And Protecting Collectibles To Retain Value

Anyone who collects something knows that the name of the game is retaining value. Whether it be stamps, coins, cards or books: a collectible is valued based on the rarity of the item and its condition. You could have the rarest rookie baseball card in the world, but if it’s dog-eared and tattered, or has water stains all over it, it is likely going to be worth very little financially. If you are putting your valuable collectibles away into self storage, below are some tips to make sure they stay protected and retain their value.

Climate Controlled Storage

Anyone who has ever put valuable collectibles into a self storage unit before knows that climate controlled storage is a must. Climate controlled storage allows you to control the internal temperature in your unit to ensure that the environment is always constant. A reliable, constant environment is key for your peace of mind, and for the integrity of anything where physical condition determines worth.

Acid Free

If you are putting anything valuable into cardboard boxes, know that not all cardboard boxes are created equal. Run-of-the-mill cardboard boxes (the kind that fruit or electronics would come in) have acid in the cardboard that can easily bleed into any unprotected collectibles, and stain or otherwise ruin them. Make sure you are putting things like books and cards in boxes that don’t have acid in the cardboard. Find ones especially designed for storing sensitive and/or valuable items.


Many people who break into self storage units do so because they are hoping they are going to find valuable and resellable collectibles inside. If you are serious about your collectible items, and more importantly, they are sentimental objects which have considerable financial value, you don’t want to skimp on security.

In addition to choosing a facility that takes their clients’ security seriously (by using cameras and security personnel), you are going to need to invest in a robust lock that is hard to cut. Cheap locks with long necks are easy to break, especially for an experienced thief. Buy a lock with a short neck, made from high quality material that is going to be hard to cut with a lock cutter.

Climate controlled storage, proper storage containers, and security for your items from would-be thieves are going to be your top priorities as a collector with valuable collectibles in self storage. Keep those three necessities in mind and rest assured that your precious collectible items are well looked after.

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