Hidden storage spaces at home
18 Sep 2019

Ten Hidden Storage Spaces at Home You Never Knew About

Let’s face it, Toronto is a great place to live, except when you’re faced with the realities of climbing the property ladder. The rising cost of real estate means a smaller footprint for modern condos, townhouses, and even the traditional family-friendly single-detached home. While a lot of furniture and interior design trends are getting smarter and compact, there’s one thing you’ll always need, but can’t seem to get enough of: closet space.

Storage spaces are some of the most in-demand commodities in a real estate hotspot like Toronto. Luckily, they’re all around you. From hidden nooks and crannies at home to a short-term self-storage unit, there’s always a storage space waiting to be used—if you find it.

Get ready to navigate some tight corners and unearth some much-needed storage space right at home.

Under the Stairs

A flight of stairs often has a dual purpose; aside from climbing up and down to get to the next floor, there’s that good old cupboard underneath that packs floor area for storage. This cupboard can hold a variety of items, from shoes to sporting equipment, and even some out-of-season clothing. Its convenient location also makes it easy to retrieve anything you might need anytime.

Above Doors

This requires some imagination, but installing the right shelving units can make all the difference. All you need to do is install a shelf above the doorway in bathrooms and bedrooms for some extra storage space. Instead of stuffing everything in tight closets, you can store towels and linens on these shelves, so they’re directly within reach.

Next to the Fridge

You already count on the fridge to keep your favourite eats as fresh as possible, but did you know that even on the outside, this home appliance also presents much-needed room for storage?

A small pull-out shelving unit easily fits into the tight space beside your fridge, freeing lots of counter and cupboard space in the process. This new, pull-out pantry provides good storage space for all your kitchen creation essentials, like spices, baking sheets, cans, and even plates.

Under Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone knows about kitchen cupboards, and chances are, yours are already full. But that doesn’t have to be a dead-end with little to no counter space left.

Luckily, it’s possible to install new drawers under existing cabinets, giving you much-needed storage space for just about anything you need to whip up delightful treats in the kitchen.

Behind Doors

Behind doors isn’t just a go-to spot for kids when playing hide-and-go-seek, but that should give you an idea of just how much potential storage space you have right there. Closing the door reveals mirrors, jewelry storage, scarves, ties, and even purses hanging off the rack. Plus, this isn’t even limited to bedrooms—you can use just about any door from the kitchen to the bathrooms, providing storage space for kitchen supplies, toiletries, and makeup too.

Under the Couch

Move over, dust bunnies—you shouldn’t be the ones taking up residence under the couch. Slim storage boxes easily slide underneath, so you can quickly stash away toys and supplies and tidy up in no time. Is your couch sitting too close to the floor? Try some furniture risers to create more room for storage. You can even try this for beds and keep fresh linens and extra bedding within reach for all those impromptu kids’ sleepovers.

Shelf Within a Shelf

That’s right. Your storage shelf holds more room than you think. All you need to do is make some with additional drawers or by going vertical. This is a great way to store documents and hide valuables like jewelry in plain sight and keep them within reach. Go ahead, look around at your existing shelves; you’ll be surprised to learn just how much storage spaces are at your disposal if you get creative.


Who knew that your bed frame and headboard could do so much more than hold your bed together and lull you off to sleep? For the trendy and forward-looking shopper, headboards present tons of storage space. That’s because many headboards these days come with built-in storage, whether it’s extendable shelves above head level or hidden drawers on the sides. Before signing off on that delivery, make sure that your new headboard is as pretty and durable as it is functional.

Support Columns

Until now, structural elements like support columns only served one essential function: sound structural support that keeps your house standing. But who says that’s all they can do?

Support columns actually pack a ton of storage space potential. Turn a boring support column into a chic storage space by mounting side panels and a door, creating a new cabinet that’s just as chic as it is functional. Getting rid of the eyesore is a nice bonus, too. Just make sure to consult a professional to avoid damaging the structural mechanism that keeps your house intact.

Behind Picture Frames

Hanging photos of some of your most treasured memories on the walls transform any house into a real home. But more than the sentimental touch, these picture frames present hidden storage opportunities, too.

Make your spy thriller dreams come true with a hidden safe behind a picture frame and get the most out of this inconspicuous storage solution. No one will have to know that the photos or artworks they’re admiring hold much bigger secrets behind them! Just make sure to ask a professional before drilling holes in the walls for these secret cabinets or safes to avoid plumbing or structural damage.

Self-Storage Spaces

Transforming all these regular nooks and crannies into hidden storage spaces at home is great, but when you’re in the middle of a renovation, or you’re simply looking for a more permanent solution for items that you just don’t have enough room for in hidden drawers and cabinets, it’s time to think outside the box—and your home.

While many people rent self-storage units for the long haul, short-term storage spaces are also available if you’re just looking for a temporary fix while decluttering, redecorating, and waiting to get settled in between moving. It’s like having a second basement or extra closet for seasonal gear, old furniture, electronics, and other items that you don’t actually need at home every day. Plus, if you’re storing delicate items like artwork, documents, and collectibles, a climate-controlled storage option is also available, ensuring state-of-the-art safety and topnotch preservation for high-value items that can easily sustain environmental damage. You can rent storage spaces anywhere between a month to many years down the line, making it the perfect solution whether you’re living in the in-between or simply just need more closet space in this real estate market.

Smart living means maximizing storage space, whether at home or outside with a second basement or closet. Jiffy Self-Storage offers short-term storage spaces for rent with no fixed contracts. Call us at 416-745-4339 or contact us here to learn more.

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