Tips for long-term storage
11 Sep 2019

Six Quick Tips on Packing for Long-Term Storage

A lot of people rent out storage units for a few months while they’re away for a short time or still working out the logistics of a big move. Although that can be as simple as packing up everything in boxes and stashing them in the unit, there are certain valuables that need a second, more permanent home. A classic car, a giant collection of rare edition comic books, stamps, valuable artwork, and photos, or a trove of documents all require the right storage to retain their value while in preservation.

Extended travel, deployment, temporary job relocation, and downsizing make long-term storage even more essential for safekeeping all these valuables. The goal is to be able to retrieve these items in the same condition that you stored them. Clean, safe, and reliable long-term storage could be the difference between retrieving what’s left of an impressive collection and ensuring both lasting quality and increased value.

Are you shipping off beloved pieces to long-term storage? Find out how you can make the most of smart storage solutions and enjoy the unparalleled peace of mind that long-term storage has to offer.

How to Pack Items for Long-Term Storage

The secret to reliable long-term storage lies with packing—and it’s not as simple as dumping everything into boxes. The right packing makes all the difference in preserving items for future use or display while retaining their value and easy retrieval whenever you’re ready to set them up at their new home.

Find Out How Much You Need to Store

The first step in packing items for long-term storage is actually figuring out what goes into the storage unit. This will tell you how much storage you need and the size you should select, ensuring that you get the best value for each dollar of a square inch.

Here are some things you can ask yourself to narrow down the search for the right storage unit:

  • Are you storing unsecured outdoor equipment?
  • What kinds of items are you thinking of storing—do they have specific storage requirements?
  • How much can you save from renting out a storage unit compared to keeping them in place, like an apartment that you’re renting?

Naturally, if you’re only thinking of storing smaller items, like boxes of documents, photos, and other collectibles, you won’t need much floor area. On the other hand, a classic car or furniture definitely calls for a larger unit to avoid damage caused by cramping or close contact with other materials.

Know the Difference of Packing for Long-Term Storage

Unlike the alternative, long-term storage requires packing that’s more secure to avoid damage to breakables and other valuables. As well, long-term storage also calls for carefully checking and following the storage requirements of sensitive items, like artwork, photos, and wooden furniture or ornaments. This means bubble wrapping and avoiding stacking boxes haphazardly on top of one another; the prolonged tension from uneven weight distribution can easily cause breakage over time. Double-check the position of stacked boxes to make sure that the bases are firmly planted on the floor to avoid any damage to your valuables.

Choose Climate Controlled Storage

Temperature control is the biggest advantage of climate-controlled storage. Designed for climate-sensitive items like your prized art collection, wooden furniture, and expensive electronics. Climate control keeps both extreme heat and cold away to prevent discolouration, fading, UV damage, cracks, rotting, corrosion, and rust. Add to temperature extremes; increased humidity also causes moisture buildup, which can easily hasten irreversible damage to your most prized possessions. Combined with a dust and termite safety standard, climate control is worth the investment of every extra dollar.

Buy Storage Insurance

Insurance is everywhere, from health to the car you drive and the home you live in. And with your whole life in long-term storage, there’s no reason you won’t need it there, too.

Storage insurance provides an extra layer of protection to collectibles, furniture, and documents in long-term storage. Aside from physical damage and even with state-of-the-art security systems, threats like theft or fire still very much exist. Storage insurance helps to ensure that no matter what happens to even the most irreplaceable items in long-term storage, you won’t lose out on their value with the right financial coverage.

Call a Friend

It sounds trivial, even to the point of defeating the very purpose of long-term storage, but your stored items do need human contact once in a while. And because you’ll be across the country or even oceans away, having a family member or friend you trust comes in handy.

Ask someone living in the area to come in and check your storage once in a while. Periodic visits allow them to check for any signs of damage and alert storage facility staff to problems before they worsen. If you’re missing a particular piece, they can easily retrieve it for you and ship it wherever you are, saving you the hassle of return trips for simple errands.

Select Prepaid Storage or Automatic Payments

Most storage units are paid for by monthly rent, but if you’re in it for the long haul because you’ll be away, you might want to consider paying bills more efficiently. Long-term storage often comes with pre- or automatic payment options. These can be set up online, so you won’t have to worry about sitting down once a month to get to all your bills, especially when you have to contend with differences in time zone and connectivity issues.

Are you leaving for the long haul? Travel stress-free knowing that your valuables are safely stored in reliable long-term storage. To learn more, call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-745-4339 or contact us here.

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