Sharing a closet: How to make room for your partner’s clothes
14 Oct 2020

Sharing a Closet: How to Make Room for Your Partner’s Clothes

It’s likely that you or someone you know shares a closet with a significant other. In fact, approximately 82% of couples aged 18–34 share a closet. It’s definitely not easy either; many couples that do find that it can cause arguments regarding space. Perhaps one person has an excessively large wardrobe, while the other can barely fit their essentials. It can be even worse when one person hoards various wardrobe pieces and refuses to downsize. Although it can be a difficult compromise, there are ways to mitigate the effects and restore balance in a shared closet. Below, we’ve listed some of our helpful closet storage tips to ensure that both you and your partner get the most out of your shared closet.

Limit Items and Declutter

The starting point of having an organized closet is to downsize and declutter so that you leave space for only the items you wear and love. Many people are guilty of holding onto clothes they haven’t worn in years or that don’t fit anymore. Once you get rid of the “dead weight” in your closet, you’ll feel a lot better and can prioritize the clothes you actually like. You may even find that you have space to add new items.

Use Cascading Hangers

Replacing old hangers with slimmer or cascading ones can save you a lot of space in the long run. Cascading hangers are great if you’re in a pinch because they maximize space while ensuring that your wardrobe stays in order.

Divide Space Accordingly

One of the first things to do when organizing your closet with your partner is to figure out how you want to divide the space. While some strive to divide the closet right down the middle, others may take a more shared approach. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be tit for tat; for example, one person may need more shelving or ground space than on the clothing rack. Account for what each person already has and then make a mutual decision. Then, remember to stick to the rules (or to your side of the closet).

Set Ground Rules

If you’re working with a tight space, set some ground rules to keep the closet from overflowing. These rules might include who does the laundry and how often, where dirty clothes go, how items are folded or hung, etc.

Use Labels to Organize

Labels are not only super fun to create; they are useful when it comes to tidying your closet and keeping it that way. Consider creating labels for shelves and boxes of items such as jewellery, socks, and bathing suits. These labels will help both you and your partner find things easily without having to stir up a mess.

Store Off-Season Clothing Offsite

Another great closet storage hack is to store items that you only use occasionally or during one season in a separate space. This could mean utilizing an offsite storage facility or using your garage (if you have the space). You may even choose to buy a wardrobe or armoire to store items that don’t fit in your closet.

Utilize Shelves and Vertical Space

When organizing any small space, it’s important to not just think horizontally but also vertically as well. This means adding shelves and putting items up top on storage racks or cubbies. In short, make use of every inch of space.

Shop Mindfully

Once your closet is up to par and organized, it’s equally important to monitor what goes into it on a continuous basis. Shop with your closet space in mind, and if you decide to purchase new items, donate things you don’t need to make space. Choose wardrobe essentials more often and only buy clothes that you absolutely love or need. Once you begin to be more careful about your clothing choices, you will find that your wardrobe becomes more flattering, and the items you choose stay in rotation longer than those you would impulsively purchase.

Now that you have some tips in your repertoire, you can start organizing your closet and getting rid of clothes that don’t serve you anymore. Be mindful of your partner’s needs, and keep them in mind whenever you decide to purchase new items. Ultimately, less is more, and you don’t need a mega wardrobe to be the most stylish, best version of yourself. For more information on closet storage and moving tips, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here.

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