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29 Jun 2020

Multimedia Storage: How to Organize Your Books, CDs, and More

In a world full of technology, organizing the plethora of multimedia we store is time-consuming and seemingly impossible. From DVDs and CDs to flash drives and software, our multimedia spans a variety of physical and digital units.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we know a thing or two about properly storing belongings. Our units here in Toronto are stacked full of furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, electronics, books, and plenty of multimedia products. To help our customers better organize their units and save space and time, we’ve compiled a few tips on storing multimedia. Here’s what you should know about keeping your multimedia safe.

Make a List and Alphabetize Books

Books are a doorway into another universe, and for some, they are indispensable. Many book lovers revisit their favourites a few times a year, but this can consume quite a lot of space. One option for condensing a book collection is to store them on an electronic e-reader device, like a Kindle or a Kobo, but not everybody likes to digitize their books. So, this leaves us with finding the best way to organize them.

The best approach to keeping books safe is to store them in an airtight, waterproof container. There are many storage containers available that will do the trick. The best part about storage containers is that they are stackable, which means you can fit many books into one space. But then, how do you find a book when you want to reread it without taking out every other book you own? Make a list.

Make a master list of every book you own with the author and title. Then, alphabetize your book collection by the author. Next, store the stacks of alphabetized books in their storage containers and create a list for each container, including each book inside. On your master list, note which box number each portion of the list is in. For example, maybe the A and B authors go into the same container; on the master list, put “Box 1” for all the A and B authors. Continue until all the books are stored, and you can find everything you need. Keep a digital copy of the master list, and print and laminate a physical copy to tape to the top of your book containers.

Sort CDs into Binders

CD cases are bulky, they crack, and they are inconvenient to store. Removing each CD and booklet from its case and storing it in a binder conserves space and protects CDs from damage. The best part about binders is it makes multimedia storage so much easier. Each binder can be stacked onto a shelf, and the spine labelled to tell you what’s inside.

Just as you alphabetized books, the best way to sort CDs is by the artist. On the spine of each binder, you can then write “A to D,” “E to H,” etc., or “AC/DC to Dolly Parton,” “Eric Clapton to Halsey,” etc. Another master list will show you what you’ve got in total, and help you maintain every disc as they come and go from storage unit to home and back again.

Shelve DVD and Blu-Ray Collections

Some multimedia storage requires a few additions to your storage unit. Installing shelves is a great way to maximize space and keep delicate items like DVDs and Blu-rays off the floor and out of boxes. Shelving DVDs by genre and alphabetizing them will keep you in the know of what’s available to watch. Take it one step further by creating labels to go above each section, such as:

  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Historical
  • Documentary
  • Action
  • Suspense

As with other multimedia storage, a master list helps maintain order and determine what’s missing and what’s available when it comes time to watch your favourite films.

Digital Multimedia Storage is Key

Finally, the best way to maximize multimedia storage space is to condense everything by digitizing it. Books become eBooks, CDs become MP3s, DVDs become video files, photographs become JPGs or PNGs, and everything can be neatly stored on flash drives and labelled.

Once your multimedia storage items have all been digitized, though, how do you keep them organized? A filing cabinet or storage unit with drawers is a great way to separate each type of media: one drawer for photos, another for videos, another for music, and so on. Each drawer can then be labelled, and a master list created for what’s inside.

An important part of digital multimedia storage is to backup everything. Technology is not infallible, which means it could malfunction, be damaged physically, or contract a virus. Having a backup of every single file is crucial. An external hard drive is the best way to maintain the integrity of all your original files. Many individuals choose to create more than one flash drive of each file as well.

Store it All in Self-Storage

Looking to get the bulk of your books and videos out of your home, but can’t bear to part with them? Self-storage is a wonderful way to retain multimedia storage, without foregoing space in your home. At Jiffy Self-Storage, we recommend being careful with multimedia storage, especially anything that could be damaged if exposed to dampness. We recommend the airtight, waterproof containers for all electronic and multimedia storage.

If you’re looking for self-storage options here in Toronto or the surrounding areas, we can help. Our storage facility is equipped to handle a wide variety of size, and budgetary needs. We understand that no two customers are alike, and everybody wants to store things differently. Therefore, you can choose from a variety of units and find the best fit for your lifestyle.

For more information on our many self-storage services, or to inquire about multimedia storage methods, we invite you to contact us at 1-416-745-4339. A friendly member of the Jiffy Self-Storage team is standing by to answer your questions and schedule a time for you to come by and see our storage units in person.

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