How to Save Money by Using Self Storage
15 Mar 2021

How to Save Money by Using Self Storage

A common complaint among homeowners is that they don’t have enough space. A little extra space is always nice and can always be put to good use. It’s very rare to hear of someone having too much space for his or her belongings. In fact, not having enough space at home is one of the main reasons that people gravitate towards cheap self-storage options in Toronto.

Real estate in Toronto has become notoriously expensive and while homeowners may be downsizing, they often use self-storage facilities for extra belongings that don’t fit into their main place of residence. If you are looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary spending, and most of us are, read our guide below on some of the best and easiest ways to save money by using a self-storage facility.

Store to Reuse

The possibility of re-using our items is one of the main reasons we save and store them away safely. We hope to use them again, saving us time and money in the long run. If you don’t have enough closet or garage space at home, you could consider renting a small offsite storage unit to keep certain items that you may not need at the moment but hope to use in the future.

This can be everything from baby clothes and equipment to seasonal décor and certain pieces of furniture. For example, perhaps you plan on saving the clothes and stroller your baby recently grew out of so that they can be used again if you decide to have another child. Saving these possessions for future use will help you save money and get the most bang for your buck. The only real obstacle that stops you from doing this is limited storage. However, if you decide to use self-storage, you don’t have to get rid of these useful items and instead, just store them safely until you need them again at some future date.

Save on Rent

Another great way to save your cash with self-storage is by using it in addition to your home storage. Perhaps you don’t need to pay sky-high real estate fees or extra money on rent just to secure a bigger, more spacious home that fits all your belongings. You can make downsizing an option with a self-storage unit. This way, you pay less on home expenses (for a smaller home) and trade in that walk-in closet for a spacious, convenient storage unit with all the latest features such as high-security levels and climate control.

With rent and home prices in Toronto and the GTA rising frequently, it’s a common concern with many seeking ways to downsize and save on housing.

Use as Business Storage

As well as real estate, office and commercial space can be expensive and beyond the budget for many new entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses. Instead of paying a hefty premium on commercial real estate, why not use an affordable storage unit in your area? Regardless of what type of business you run, you can store inventory, files, archives and even equipment that you might not have room for at home.

If you just started a business out of your home, this could be a way for you to keep work and personal items separate. If you’re an artist, you may need extra space to keep your paintings, sculptures or any other type of artwork or tools you work with. You sure wouldn’t want these items getting damaged at home (or trampled by your kids). With self-storage, you can have a safe, secure and affordable place to keep all business storage. Not only will this give you the peace of mind that your important items are safe, but it will also make you breathe a sigh of relief to know you are not paying commercial real estate prices.

Save on Moving Expenses

If you or someone you know are planning a move in the near future, self-storage can help you save money and forgo the need for high-cost professional movers. Depending on where you are moving to and how far it is, you may benefit from renting a short-term self-storage unit where you can start putting your belongings ahead of the move. This way, you can do things at your own pace and take your time moving. When it comes time to unpack, you can simply take the items out of the storage unit into your new home. Moving day will be a lot less hectic.

To learn more ways to save by using self-storage, call Jiffy Self Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here.

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