Clothing During Storage
9 Feb 2018

How To Protect Clothing During Storage

Most of us accumulate a huge amount of clothing throughout the course of our lives, even throughout the course of a single year. It can get to the point where we have so much clothing around the house, especially clothing for different uses and seasons, that it becomes unmanageable, and we can start to feel cluttered. If this applies to you, and you are thinking about putting some of that clothing away into storage, below are some tips for protecting your belongings while they are not in use.

Climate Control

If you are storing clothing, particularly in a region where humidity is an issue, you are going to want to look into climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage lets you regulate the temperature and the air quality inside your short term storage unit so that you never have to worry about the elements destroying your belongings. This is especially important if you are putting clothing into storage that is made from organic fibres, as it is more susceptible to disintegration and destruction by water.

Wash Beforehand

When putting clothing into storage, it should always go in clean. Wash and dry clothing before putting it into boxes or bags to store, or you might find that when you take it out, any dirt and grime that has been left has either permanently stained the article of clothing, or made it unwearable.

Garment Bags

Ideally, every single article of clothing should have a garment bag, but since this may be impractical, you should make sure any clothing that you want to keep in the absolute best shape possible goes in its own, individual garment bag. Things like wedding dresses or antique gowns, and clothing that may have been passed down or is to be worn on very special occasions should be placed in a garment bag while in storage.

Pack by Season

If you are storing seasonal items like mittens, hats and scarves, label the box they go in so you can easily access them the following season. It may be useful to designate a box or shelf for each season, so that you can always quickly and easily find what you need.

Storing clothing requires that you give it some TLC beforehand and make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions while it is in short term storage (i.e. using climate controlled storage). Many people, ignoring the above tips, have put a lot of clothing into storage, only to find it considerably deteriorated when they went to take it out. Keep the above storage tips in mind and preserve your clothing.

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