Store Your Camping Gear Safely
12 Jul 2021

How to Effectively Store Your Camping Gear

As the weather gets warmer, camping is a great activity for fun with your family, friends, or significant other. There’s nothing that bonds two people more than sleeping in an open tent under the stars on a warm summer night. Many would argue that to be the very definition of romance.

Camping is a great activity that creates lifelong memories, challenges you physically and mentally, and gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, camping can quickly become a nightmare for those who don’t prepare properly and in advance.

Of course, you want to be comfortable and relaxed even if you’re out in the woods with no cell service. The last thing you want to forget is your bug spray, sleeping bag, or toilet paper! If you plan on camping this summer, our guide below will give you some helpful tips to keep organized and pack effectively.

Prepare a Bag Beforehand

Instead of running around the house and making trips to the grocery store the day before you’re set to go camping, have a large tote bag already prepared in advance with toiletries, cutlery, and other items you are sure to need. If you and your family go camping often, make it a habit to replace and replenish items in the bag whenever you return home from one trip and well before another. That will help make packing easier as your necessities are already ready to go.

Use Clear, Durable Bins

Instead of going with the handy duffel bag, try stackable clear plastic bins instead. You can easily and neatly arrange these in the back of your car, and they are weather-resistant, so your stuff won’t get rained on if bad weather comes around. It also makes finding what you’re looking for easier when you can see through the bins.

Roll, Don’t Fold

If you don’t already know that you should be rolling your clothing instead of folding, it’s time to make a change in your habits. Moving your clothing tightly will save space, appear neater and keep your clothes wrinkle-free until you’re ready to wear them. Start doing it now, and don’t look back!

Keep a Tidy Campsite

The key to organization is maintenance. It’s easy to organize everything when packing and then let go of all order and cleanliness once you get settled and comfortable at your campsite. You may be tempted to do this. However, you need to consider the mess you don’t want to leave behind or clean up after.

Throughout your camping trip, try to maintain order and have a tidying up system in place. Make sure everyone at the campsite knows where the garbage goes and where to find/put back items. That ensures packing back up and heading out at the end of your trip will be easier.

Take Out the Batteries

Remember to take out the batteries from all electronics, such as flashlights, GPS, radios, etc., before storing them away after camp. That way, your electronics stay in good working condition while being in storage, and that batteries don’t pose any health and safety risks.

Keep Your Tent Dry

After camping, it’s important to air out your tent and have it dry completely before putting it away. The same is true for all your hiking gear, sleeping bags, and shoes/boots. That is because you don’t want mould or mildew from moisture to accumulate and produce bad odours and damage to your items. Also, make sure to dust off any dirt, bugs, or rocks from your tent before storing as well. This way, your tent can stay clean and free from damage, odours, or pests while in storage.

Keep Camping Gear in One Place

To simplify getting ready and packing, keeping all your camping gear in one place will give you a head start. You won’t have to wonder where certain items are or try to find things last minute if you have a designated spot.

If you don’t have enough garage or closet space at home to do this, you might try renting a self-storage unit as a central location for all your camping gear. Units are climate-controlled to keep your tents, hiking gear, and all your bags dry and ready to go for next time.

Keep Inventory of What You Have

If you don’t already have one, it’s a good idea to set up an inventory system such as a spreadsheet or chart, which lists all of the items in each bin of camping gear and where to find them. This is especially useful if your packing list is extensive and you like to go on extended trips for weeks or even months. Keep the inventory list somewhere accessible, like on your phone, so you can easily use it.

While Toronto is a beautiful city with much to do, it’s normal to need a break now and then from the busy city life. Plan your summer camping trips with some extra space in mind by renting a storage unit for all your camping gear. Now that you know where to find all your camping essentials, all you’ll have to do is get ready and go!

For more information on Toronto storage units, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here.

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