14 Nov 2016

5 Items To Store While Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a massive process. Real estate agents, paperwork, managing the time of you and your family, all while trying to go about your daily life is a lot of stress. Selling your home also means making it as appealing to prospective buyers as possible. Even great homes that are heavily desired by the market sometimes fail to sell if things appear cluttered or even look too much like your home. Real estate agents often recommend that home sellers hide or store certain items that are turn-offs for prospective buyers, to increase the chances of making the sale. Below are five items to store while selling your home.

What To Store When Trying To Sell Your Home

Items which are personal to your family. It is often recommend to take down photos of your family while selling your home because it makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the space. If you don’t have room for all of the photos of family vacations and portraits in your storage space, consider placing them offsite in a self-storage unit.

Ugly furniture. New furniture doesn’t stay that way forever. Often, old, ratty furniture that was once the centrepiece of the living or dining room, once it starts to look a little worse for wear, becomes the games room chair or the basement sofa because protecting it becomes less important. But people inspecting your home will associate ugly furniture, unfortunately, and incorrectly, with the overall aesthetic of your home.

Lawn ornaments. If you have lawn ornaments in your garden or around your home store them during the sale of your house. Not because they are objectively distasteful, but exactly because of their subjective nature. The person walking through the door that is willing to offer you 20 per cent above market to scoop up your home might just have something against the lawn gnome and, while it sounds frivolous, derail his or her decision to purchase.

Artwork. Artwork is semi-related to the above category of lawn ornaments. The piece may look truly spectacular in your home and really speak to your decorating and theme, but the person interested in your home may sit on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of taste in art. Taking art off the walls, especially if it is eccentric and doesn’t cater to broad tastes, and storing it in a self-storage unit, minimizes the risk that you will offend someone’s senses with art (which is subjective) that they don’t agree with.

Collectibles. If you are a collector of anything, especially if that anything is obscure in nature (old arcade machines all over the place, dolls of any kind), consider placing them, temporarily, in a self-storage unit. Some people just might not understand how rare and exotic the original 1982 Ms. Pac-Man sitting in your foyer is and make it hard for them to imagine themselves in your space.

Making sure that your place is as appealing as possible to prospective buyers is the most important thing you can do while attempting to sell your house. Knowing what to keep hanging around and what to keep out of sight is an important part of the selling process. The fine details count and you never know which picky person might be walking through the door ready to write you a cheque on the spot, simply because that odd but endearing piece of furniture was temporarily in storage.

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