21 Jan 2016

5 Easy Storage Solutions For A More Organized Home

If we made an inventory of everything we keep in our homes, most of us would be amazed at the amount of stuff we accumulate. Clothing, decorations, kitchen utensils and appliances, scrap albums, shoes, the list is endless. When you’ve been somewhere long enough, the clutter builds at such a gradual pace that it can be tricky to notice it happening until it’s swallowed up most of your free space.

Storage Solutions For Organized Home

Here are 5 easy storage solutions for a more organized, harmonious home.

Shoe racks. Shoe racks are almost a necessity. Nobody owns just one pair of shoes, and whether we are talking about the closet, or the mudroom, or even the mat in front of the door, scattered shoes with nowhere to store them waste space. Shoe racks even come as wall-mounts so you can actually store shoes off the ground while freeing up the floor space underneath for boxes that can contain things like dog accessories.

Utilize peg boards. Peg boards are especially useful for areas like the garage and attic where items generally tend to end up strewn all over the ground, creating tripping and falling hazards, on top of creating an atmosphere of disorganization. Peg boards are a cheap, convenient way of utilizing free wall space. Simply purchase whatever sized board you have room for, some pegs, insert and voila, you can now place sports equipment, leaf blowers and even bicycles off the ground.

Don’t keep everything. All the storage solutions in the world are not going to save you if you accumulate new items faster than you get rid of old, broken or useless ones. Spend some time at the end of every season evaluating what you really need and what needs to go. If you know that something no longer serves any purpose other than to take up precious space, donate or recycle it where possible.

Investigate self-storage options. Self-storage is one of those things you really need to experience to understand how useful it is. A self-storage unit can be the perfect place for items that you don’t want to toss, that you know you’ll need at some point in the future, or items that are worth holding on to but that don’t need a designated spot in your home.

Utilize vertical space. Hanging and wall mounted storage solutions are the perfect way to get clutter off the ground and organized into a tightly packed, efficient hanging units. Your stored items will be easily accessible and out of the way of everyday life.

The emotional benefits of a well-organized home are numerous. Knowing that everything has its place, you have what you truly need and that year after year your home is not becoming simply one, big warehouse creates a sense of peace that is hard to overstate.

Being afraid to open a closet, or having to walk through an obstacle course every time you make your way to your car, or through the front door, is a major hassle. However, with some dedication and determination, you can, and will innovate your way to a more organized home.

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