26 Apr 2013

5 Cheap Packing Materials that Work Well

When it comes time to pack your boxes prior to moving day, the right filler can prevent damage from the experience. Although you may drive carefully, various vibrations within the vehicle or perhaps from sliding the boxes into place can damage your valuables. Wrapping your wine glasses in newspaper can only do so much and isn’t a guaranteed method of protecting them. While you could put money into packing foam, there are other ways you can safely protect your valuables from damage during your move.

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1. Foam Peanuts – Packing peanuts are a great way to solidify the protection in your boxes. Because of their size and resilience, you can fill a box full of fragile goods reinforced with packing peanuts to create a solid and stable package. If you use these peanuts correctly, even violently shaking the box full of fragile goods wouldn’t cause them to break. The best part is, these peanuts are fairly cheap and can go a long way when it comes to packing your goods. When you’re done with the move, simply put them back in the shipping bag and sell them on eBay or use them somewhere else.

2. Newspaper – One of the most common of fragile-item packing materials when it comes time to move is the use of old newspapers. While millions of people will use newspaper to wrap fragile items such as glasses, crinkling them up into a ball or twisting them can also give newspaper the ability to provide extra protection from movement within the box. Even wrapped several times with the sports section, a glass can still break by hitting another one within the box. If you use a wadded ball of newspaper in between each item, there is far less of a chance from breakage while moving.

3. Towels – Household towels are a great way to protect valuables when moving. Using towels to insulate fragile items from interacting with each other inside the box can greatly reduce damage from shaking or dropping boxes. Thick towels used in a zigzag pattern weaving in and out of your glass plates can possibly protect these goods from even the most violent of drops. However, this is dependent of the towel you are using and the weight of the plates themselves.

4. Clothing – Like towels, clothing can be used as a great insulator to protect items from being reduced to shards of sharp glass. Sweaters and thicker garments are especially useful given their fluffy and cotton-esque nature. Of course, you want to make sure the clothes are clean when you’re packing. The last thing you want to smell is body odor when you are sipping wine from your favorite glass after a hard day of moving.

5. Grocery Bags – Many of us have a drawer in the kitchen filled with grocery bags. We use them for a variety of purposes, especially for those who own pets. While it does take a great deal of these bags to completely secure the likes of glasses from hitting each other, they can be used for reinforced padding within the box. Any additional protection you can add is always better than going without.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for packing materials when it comes time to move. Many of these suggestions can be found around the home and can be recycled for other uses when you’re done. Don’t leave your valuable and fragile items at fate’s doorstep. Pack them in good and tight and relieve the stress of finding your favorite glasses smashed at the bottom of the box.

This is article is contributed by Madoline Hatter. Madoline is a freelance writer and blog junkie from ChangeOfAddressForm.com. You can reach her at: m.hatter12@gmail.com.

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