10 Tips to Store Your Winter Clothes for Summer
5 Apr 2021

10 Tips to Store Your Winter Clothes for Summer

While not everyone enjoys summer (hard to believe, right?), it does mean longer days and more heat, making you want to get rid of that old bulky jacket wearing you down through the winter months. Simply put, putting away your winter jacket for the start of warmer weather is a great feeling. You can finally feel the breeze through your hair and the sun on your skin without worrying about freezing your limbs off.

The only issue remaining is where you plan to keep all your bulky, thick winter clothes. Not everyone has the space to store these items in their closet, with many opting to keep them in their garage or an offsite storage facility instead. Whichever you decide, your storage space should work for you, and your winter clothes should be easily accessible and ready for when you need them again. To find out how to best keep your winter clothes during the spring and summer months, read our guide below for 10 helpful tips.

1. Dry Clean Before Storing

It goes without saying that before you put your winter clothes away for the warm season, you should make sure to launder each item and dry clean materials if necessary. You want to be able to use your clothes right out of storage without any lingering smells, stains, or general unpleasantness. The cleanliness of your clothes during storage also matters because dirty or smelly items can attract pests, create bad odours, and even damage certain materials. Keep your clothes as clean as possible so you can enjoy them after storage and for the long term.

2. Donate Unwanted Items

Now that you’ll be packing up a season’s worth of clothes, it would be a great time to evaluate what you have and pinpoint items to discard or donate that you don’t need anymore. Be selective about the things you keep and put into storage; otherwise, you’re just taking up space if you don’t plan on wearing them once taken out again. Keep only what you love and leave the rest for family, friends, or the donation bin.

3. Repair and Fix Damages

This would also be a great time to repair any holes or rips in clothing. You want your winter clothes to be fresh and pristine once taken out of storage. Spend some extra time repairing damaged items that have been on your to-do list.

4. Fold Items Neatly

The main question here is whether you should fold or hang your clothes when storing them. Depending on your storage space, either method has its pros and cons. However, if you want to keep your clothing from stretching or becoming disproportionate, you should be folding your clothes more often than hanging. Certain items (if left on a hanger for a long period) can lose their shape and become stretched from hanging. Prevent this altogether by folding your clothes neatly before putting them into storage for the summer months.

5. Use Garment Bags

Garment bags can protect your dry cleaned or expensive items from the elements and keep them just the way they were before you left them. Put garment bags on certain materials such as leather and fur jackets for further protection.

6. Choose the Right Storage

Always choose a storage unit in a dry, clean location that is preferably climate controlled. Stay clear of cardboard boxes when storing items, as they can become susceptible to humidity and water, thus damaging your clothes in the process. Stick to clear, plastic bins. This way, you can also see what you’ve packed in each bin to make the unpacking process easier!

7. Label Bins Accordingly

If you didn’t already use labels to organize your storage bins, this is your sign to do so immediately. Labelmakers are fun and easy to use to create visually appealing and uniform labels for all your items if you want to go that extra mile. Staying organized will help you find what you need much quicker, and when the weather starts getting chilly again, you won’t be so stressed to have to go back into storage to unpack.

8. Choose Climate Control

Like previously mentioned, climate controlled storage units are really a game changer. They prevent your clothes, jewellery, and precious items from getting damaged by the elements, extreme cold weather, or humidity. Before renting a unit to keep all your winter clothes, make sure that it is climate controlled so that your items won’t come out of storage damaged or not wearable anymore.

9. Refresh with Scent Sachets

Keeping some scented sachets (think lavender or eucalyptus) in with your stored clothes can make a world of difference. Your clothes will stay smelling fresh and like your favourite scents. At the very least, include some dryer sheets with the clothes to keep them smelling fresh.

10. Stay Pest Free

Certain herbs in scent satchels like rosemary and lavender can help keep the bugs and pests at bay. Mothballs can also work, but be wary of how many you use and where you put them because they are a pesticide. If you are storing winter clothes in your closets at home, then be sure to clean regularly and don’t neglect vacuuming.

Contact Jiffy Self Storage

Ultimately, you want to enjoy summer and its perks without having to worry about your winter clothes in storage. Here at Jiffy Self-Storage, we give you one less thing to worry about with our premium, climate controlled storage units with high levels of security for your peace of mind. For more information on winter storage and climate controlled storage facilities, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here.

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