28 Nov 2011

Test results reveal Ontario students are thriving

Exam results indicate Ontario students are at the head of the class when it comes to assessing aptitude.

According to the Education Quality and Accountability Office and the Council of Ministers of Education, Ontario was the only Canadian jurisdiction with students that tested above the national average in all three subjects – reading, mathematics and science.

The results come from the Pan-Canadian Assessment, which is administered every three years to eighth graders.
Brian Desbiens, chair of EQAO's board of directors, said the results are a testament to the brightness of Ontario's youth.

"Ontario students have demonstrated continued improvement on national tests over the years and are now consistently among the top performing students in Canada," said Desbiens. "The sustained progress witnessed on such nationwide tests solidifies the Ontario school system's position among the top in Canada."

While many factors play into Ontario students' success, one of them may be their organizational skills. Portable storage containers can be particularly helpful will this, as they can save the tests and homework exams they've done throughout the year so they can study more effectively. 

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