30 Dec 2011

Toronto Storage can help up-and-coming food trucks

An international trend took off in Toronto this year, which is mouth-watering news for foodies of all types. According to Toronto Life, a group of entrepreneurs helped bring the burgeoning food truck scene to "the 416," and their popularity seems boundless.

Getting the trucks up and rolling was no easy task. It took a team of dedicated chefs and business owners to bring everything together. One challenge some food truck owners may face is finding room for excess supplies and cooking gear. Fortunately, Toronto Storage can help any restaurant owner keep their materials in a safe and secure environment, even those who are completely mobile.

Renowned chef Suresh Doss initiated the Food Truck Eats events, which really got things going. In July, the first pop-up taco stand, La Carnita, opened up to rave reviews, and since then, the growing number of food trucks available in the city has been staggering.

Those who are interested in chowing down on some of the best food trucks in the city can check out Ontario Food Trucks' Facebook page, which keeps track of the ever-changing world of food trucks in the Ontario region.

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