31 Jan 2013

New storage facility opens in Ontario

One of Canada’s largest self storage companies recently agreed to purchase a facility in London, Ontario, Canada, for $2.6 million in cash. According to Inside Self Storage, the 50,000-square-foot space will enable consumers to place their personal items as well as store their vehicles inside the units. In addition, the company would like to operate a PUPS portable-storage business that would be able to provide for its customers as well to ensure efficiency and satisfaction.

In this economy, some Toronto residents and the communities surrounding have had to scale down. While some chose to give away their belongings, others simply don’t have enough room to put the items they can’t part with. In this situation, it would be a good idea to rent a Toronto self storage unit to be sure the items are safe from harm.

Storage units are an excellent way to hold onto belongings that just don’t have a space inside a home any longer. For whatever reason the person should choose they would like to move items into a unit, they can be sure the unit will be safe. According to the Self Storage Blog, although storage unit robberies are unlikely, it is best to always contact a reliable company that will put the consumer’s mind at ease.

Jiffy offers businesses plenty of options for Toronto storage, whether one needs to store filing cabinets or office supplies. What’s more, the company is currently holding a contest for a new iPad 3, which is a device that just about every business person could use to help improve productivity.

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