28 Dec 2011

Storage auctions can turn up some rare, valuable items

Among the many reality TV shows on the air, storage auction shows have drawn a large audience this year. The programs follow people who bid on abandoned storage units with the hopes of turning up valuable items that will make their purchases worthwhile. Most of the time, the winners will wind up with a few items that they can sell to recoup their profits, but there are the occasional hidden gems that can really make one's head spin.

According to StorageAuctionCentral.com, there were a few doozies that were uncovered in self storage facilities this year, including a 1966 Ford Shelby Mustang, valued at around $200,000, that was once owned by its designer, Carroll Shelby. When a unit contains a rare or collectible car, it is typically removed and not included with the rest of the items, since it is extremely unlikely that bids will ever approach the value of such vehicles.

One storage warrior was lucky enough to come across a near-mint copy of Action Comics Number One that was once owned by Nicholas Cage. The comic book sold for $2.16 million at its own auction, the first comic to break $2 million, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

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