10 Jan 2014

Beautiful View – The Window Cleaning Store

After several years as a professional window cleaner, Mark Strange and his wife Leonor decided they would give retail store ownership a try. Of course the perfect choice of product to sell would be window cleaning supplies as well as other related cleaning products. Mark began doing research on store locations and involved costs back around the fall of 2012. That’s when he first spotted the newly renovated store units in the front end of Jiffy Storage Plaza on Wilson Ave.

After finally making the decision to move forward with the retail store in Toronto, Mark and Leonor began renting a retail unit in July of 2013 and eagerly began renovations. By late August they had both their Toronto retail store unit and window cleaner supplies eCommerce site up and running. They launched the store with a bang by hold a gathering of the window cleaning trade, performing live demonstrations of high window cleaning using the latest technologies.

As Mark and Leonor move forward with their store, they both feel very positive about the choice they made taking a retail unit at Jiffy Self-Storage Plaza in Toronto and appreciate that if they need extra storage space, there are many smaller units available on site for as short or long as necessary for surplus inventory when they need it for their retail business.

Many popular and sought-after window cleaning products are available for sale on their website, including:

  • T-Bar squeegees
  • T-Bar squeegees

  • A basic cleaning kit for an easy do-it-yourself solution
  • Basic Cleaning Kit

  • Brushes, scowering pads and sponges
  • Brushes

  • Heavy-duty cleaning buckets
  • Heavy-duty Cleaning Buckets

  • Cleaning and polishing towels
  • Cleaning & Polishing Towels

  • Scrapers and blades for glass cleaning
  • Scrapers & Blades

  • Water systems and extension poles for squeegees
  • Extension Poles For Squeegees

  • Professional grade soaps and specialty cleaners
  • Specialty Cleaners

  • Squeegee handles
  • Squeegee Handles

  • Complete squeegee solutions
  • Squeegee Solutions

But their products extend beyond window cleaning. The Beautiful View also has for sale all the equipment you’ll need to maintain and clean your dryer ducts, including a complete cleaning package along with extension rods and lint catching bags.

And they can also help you clean out dirt and leave-catching gutters, which of course can drip and leak onto windows down below. Their products on offer here include gutter strainers, scoops, large heavy-duty pails and an attachment letting you join your work ladder to the gutter.

They also aren’t scared to run hard-to-beat sales. In the run-up to Christmas, for example, they’ve put a great selection of products by well-known window cleaning equipment maker Wagtail up for sale.

Whether you’re able to make a trip up to their store in the Jiffy Plaza or are visiting their online store, Beautiful View will offer the selection of window cleaning tools and accessories you need to get the job done right.

So give them a visit at

Beautiful View – The Window Cleaning Store
1805 Wilson Ave Unit 107 North York, On M9M1A2


Mark made a YouTube video his progression of setting up his window cleaner supplies store in Jiffy Storage Retail Plaza. Check out his video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7L5H4dw5vI

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  • Posted on Jan 10 | 2014 By Allan Barkin

    It is really hard for a consumer to find professional window cleaning stuff, even at the big box stores. I bought some supplies and tools for where I live and now all my windows are squeaking clean. These supplies will last me a lifetime so not only do I get a perfect job every time, I end up saving a ton of money. Well done Window Cleaning Store.

  • Posted on Jan 10 | 2014 By Window Cleaning Toronto

    Wao! nice store and I appreciate your blog to look well and I didn’t completly understand your point of view tha why after a many years you are do this one……….

  • Posted on Jan 10 | 2014 By Self Storage in Toronto

    Thanks for sharing this Information i like it

  • Posted on Jan 10 | 2014 By Marco Travis

    Congrats on the opening. It does look fabulous.

  • Posted on Jan 10 | 2014 By Jiffy Self-Storage

    Congratulations to Mark and Leonor on the opening of their new business at Jiffy Self Storage Plaza in Toronto. A “Beautiful View” from outside and a pleasure to see on the inside. Well done.

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