14 Aug 2015

What to Know before Choosing Boxes for Storing Long-Term Items

Every single one of us has items that we store away and refuse to get rid of. Most of the time, we store these items away in boxes. Depending on what is being stored, you may have an assortment of box sizes you use. These boxes are usually made from cardboard and aren’t necessarily meant for long term storage


When you intend on storing your items for a long period of time, it is wise to be aware of the kinds of boxes you are using to pack them away. Where you are storing them will also take precedence in the decision of what type of box you use to pack your belongings. Cardboard can breakdown over time. Weather changes and other matters will also keep the box from remaining a safe solution. So, if you do use these types of containers, make sure you are storing your stuff in a climate controlled storage unit.

If you rented a unit with a concrete floor, remember that concrete often holds moisture. This moisture is no good for the longevity of your property. Use pallet wood or something else to keep the boxes from touching the ground. Should the moisture get into any of the boxes, mildew and mold will grow and the property will become destroyed in no time at all.

What Type of Container Is Best for Long Term Storing?

Storing away anything is best done in plastic, airtight containers. Plastic storage containers might be costlier than cardboard boxes, but they are guaranteed to last much longer. They will also help protect your property in all elements. Water won’t be able to seep into the containers if they are shut properly and critters will also not make their way in.

These boxes are usually clear which will allow you to see what is stored in each individual container. They can be stacked nicely and the larger ones may even come with wheels for easy maneuvering.

If you are worried about your property as it is stored, store it away properly. Keep the unit clean and try to find a climate controlled unit. Use plastic containers instead of cardboard and make sure that the lids to the containers are always sealed tightly in the unit. If the lid isn’t on right, pests as well as water can easily get inside and ruin what’s inside the container.

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