22 Jun 2015

Organize Your Space With Repurposed Items

Between toys, shoes, makeup, utensils and more, our homes are cluttered with stuff. Your drawers are bursting. Your cabinets are full. Your closets are in chaos. You’re running out of space. Instead of trying to shove more things into a cupboard, organize your space with repurposed items.

Repurposing Items

With these ideas you’ll be able to find new uses for old items and keep your household in top-shape!

Front door/vestibule:

  • Keep this area clean by suspending a wire mesh utensil organizer near your door. Store keys, sunglasses and other essentials you need to grab before you leave the house. Fashion nails with small heads through the organizer’s mesh and hang hats, purses and gloves.

  • To prevent indoor puddles in the winter months, position metal cooling racks on top of rubber mats for shoes and boots. Instead of wiping your wet footwear on a mat then putting them directly on the floor, place them on the cooling racks to dry.


  • Take that old rolling tool cart from the garage that’s gathering dust and add a slab of butcher block to its top. Now you have extra storage for your pots, pans and culinary tools, and have a new cutting surface! If you’re kitchen is on the small side, bolt the cart to the wall and use its top to house your microwave or toaster oven.


  • When you’ve run out of space under the sink, hang a basket from a hook mounted next to the sink. Keep supplies like makeup brushes, toothpaste, cotton pads and band-aids in the baskets to save space. If you have young children, hang the baskets out of their reach and store medication and other things you don’t want them to touch.


  • Take suitcases – bonus if they’re vintage to give your room an air of sophistication! – and stack them in order from largest to smallest in the corner of your room or closet to store everything from seasonal clothes to shoes. If you don’t have space for a suitcase display in the bedroom, do it in the hallway. No one will know what’s inside them and visitors will think that you have a keen eye for interior design.

  • For the kids, keep their toys organized in plastic containers. Any Tupperware containers that you’ve lost the lid to or have become warped in the dishwasher can instantly house action figures, markers and more, allowing you to organize the small trinkets that often find their way scattered inside of drawers.

Think of any hollow item as an opportunity to store items! Even unused backpacks in your closet can be used to house scarves and other small items. Get creative and you’ll be organized in no time!

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