8 Nov 2012

New entrepreneurs find help in Canada

Canada is supporting an increasing entrepreneurial fervor that is attracting more people to come and try their hand at opening a small business. Immigrants with a business idea and little to no financing should know there are several organizations that offer mentoring and other services that help startups all across Canada, the Toronto Star reported.

Small business owners should also look into business self storage in the Toronto area. Storage units can be used to conduct business operations and supplement the high cost for office space.

“It’s hard to start a business as a newcomer,” Alejandro Monsivais, who came to Canada from Mexico a decade ago and started his food and catering company, Mexicatessen, in 2008, told the Toronto Star. “But I’m not complaining, this is a safe and secure place for business.”

Monsivais turned to ACCESS, a community program offering help to those with ideas and a willingness for training, to help get his business up and running.

Jiffy offers businesses plenty of options for Toronto storage, whether one needs to store filing cabinets or office supplies. What's more, the company is currently holding a contest for a new iPad 3, which is a device that just about every business person could use to help improve productivity.

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