How to safely store possessions while staying with a roommate?
21 Sep 2020

Living With Roommates? How to Safely Store Your Possessions

No matter how much you trust your roommates and get along with them, it’s best to have safety and security measures when living with others. This ensures that you can all feel comfortable and have peace of mind that your dedicated space is truly yours. After all, no one wants to feel that they don’t have privacy while at home. Below are some of our best roommate living hacks to ensure your belongings and valuables are stored safely at all times.

Screen Potential Roommates

If you are moving, looking for a roommate, or screening potential candidates, it’s important to choose someone who is trustworthy and has a track record of good behaviour. You can rely on applications and references to determine if a potential roommate is a right fit for you. You can even arrange a phone call or interview to get a feel for who that person really is. Treat it like a job interview, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about expectations and boundaries in the living situation. As a final measure before choosing an applicant, you might decide to conduct a background check to make sure there is no history of theft, violence, or criminal activity.

Keep Separate Mailboxes

If you live with multiple people, the mailbox will inevitably fill up from time to time with their mail. It may sometimes be a task to differentiate mail, and you could end up opening someone else’s and invading their privacy unknowingly. To avoid doing this, keep separate spaces or mailboxes for each roommate in the front entryway and label them so that they don’t get mixed up. This way, each person has a spot for his or her mail and it doesn’t accumulate together in a messy pile.

Use a Security System and Camera

Although we hope and trust that our roommates will not do us harm, it’s good to have extra measures in place should a theft or crime occur. Putting up security cameras in common areas and setting up a DIY security system with motion sensors can deter theft. It can also provide evidence so that you don’t end up in a “he said, she said” situation. Like they say, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

Get Insurance for Renters

Renters insurance will help save you in the event that a theft does occur. It can cover the cost of lost items and personal belongings. Better safe than sorry.

Have a Lock for Each Room

It goes without saying that there should be locks on private rooms to ensure privacy whenever you have multiple people living in one space. You can also install a door sensor so that you’re alerted whenever someone opens your door. This will come in handy when there are guests over who might stumble into the wrong room. It may also be wise to invest in a safe that you can keep in your room and store valuable jewellery, items, and things you can’t afford to lose.

Assign Kitchen Cabinets and Fridge Space

It’s happened to a vast majority of people: they leave items in the fridge and then come back to find that the item is mysteriously gone. No matter who they ask (roommates, family members, etc.), no one seems to take responsibility. It can be frustrating, especially for the person craving that specific food. To make sure that no one misses out on their food cravings, designate specified areas for each roommate to keep their food in the fridge and in the kitchen cabinets. Keeping food separate and easily organized is the best way to avoid mishaps and tension.

Create Rules for Visitors

It will save a lot of trouble and energy if you and your roommates sit down ahead of time to make some essential rules for having visitors, party guests, family members and significant others over. Keep in mind that not everyone feels comfortable having strangers in their midst for an extended period of time. Don’t throw parties without letting your roommates know, and remember to keep them in the loop about who may be sleeping over. Set clear boundaries, voice how you feel, and decide which areas will be off-limits when you have guests over.

Keep Valuable Belongings in Self-Storage

Personal self-storage can be a huge help when you live with roommates, and space is limited, or you need extra security for your items. Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes. They can be climate controlled so that your valuables, art, jewellery, or documents don’t deteriorate or become damaged with time in storage. These units are off-site, away from your residence and, therefore, far from any prying eyes.

Whether you are just choosing your roommates or have been living with them for years, it’s important to discuss security and make everyone feel comfortable. Here at Jiffy Self-Storage, we offer a variety of self-storage units for your valuables and personal belongings. Our storage facility is climate controlled and has a high level of security to ensure your prized possessions stay in pristine condition throughout storage. For more information on personal mini-storage, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here.

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