24 Aug 2015

How to Know When Self Storage is the Smartest Option

Storage units are one of the best ways to store away and pack up items in a residential or commercial property when you don’t want them taking up space. There are all types of self storage companies, but the key is to find one nearest to your home that offers a variety of different sizes and features. Renting a unit with humidity control is always best because it is important to keep your items dry and cool to prevent them from molding.


When Is a Storage Unit a Good Idea?

  1. When you are amidst relocation
  2. When you have no room, but do not want to get rid of your belongings
  3. When you have a vehicle that isn’t being used presently, but you plan on using it in the future
  4. If you are being forced to downsize
  5. If you are selling your home, relieve some of the clutter by packing it away immediately and putting it in storage
  6. When you are going on an extended trip. Storage is cheaper than rent in most circumstances
  7. When you are confined in a small space and cannot fit everything in one place
  8. Emergency situations
  9. When you need to store outdoor equipment and mechanisms that don’t fit into your garage or shed
  10. To store away winter items during warmer months or summer items during colder months
  11. If you sell things online or have a large inventory, store some things in a self storage unit

Storing away property in a storage unit is easy and will only give you more space at home. You don’t need to get rid of things just because you cannot find a space for them. Instead, take advantage of the cheap self storage units available.

Many of the self storage companies offer a free truck to assist you with the moving of your belongings. Ask if they can offer it to you on the day it is needed. Also, be sure that you get a temperature controlled storage unit of the appropriate size. Keep everything safe, cool and dry, and make sure everything is packed away securely to avoid pests or water creeping into the containers and items. Keeping the unit clean and organized at all times will help immensely.

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