26 Oct 2015

Getting The Most Out Of Your Self Storage Facility

Storage units tend to be even more useful than you think! By following these tips, you can make your unit hold even more stuff, and also make it much easier to use.

Self Storage Facility

  1. Plan Ahead

    Before you begin putting things in your locker, create a diagram showing how you will fit everything in. Consider what can be a good base on which to stack boxes, which boxes you will access the most, and how to keep all parts of the locker as accessible as possible. If it helps, try creating a scale diagram to use when you start storing.

  2. Use Vertical Space

    There are nine meters of height in a storage locker in which you can store things. Most people only use the bottom meter and a half, meaning that over half their storage locker remains unused. To make use of all the available space with as little effort as possible, use stacking plastic containers and a stepladder.

  3. Consider Shelves

    It doesn’t always occur to people to set up shelving units in their lockers, but it can be a huge time-saver in the long run. Imagine how much easier it would be to just take a box off a shelf, instead of moving all the boxes on top of it. When it’s easier to use your locker, you are more likely to do so, meaning you will likely engage in more rotation of your things in and out of storage.

  4. Use Furniture for Storage

    Chances are, some furniture that you’ve already stored can, itself, be a form of organized storage. Dressers, chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves, and ottomans can all be used for storage. These help keep your things organized, dry, and clean. However, we would advise against using a car in the locker as additional storage- adding objects inside can increase the odds of getting mildew in your upholstery.

  5. Use Extra Services

    Storage companies provide additional services, including move-in and trailer hire services. These are cheaper and more convenient than hiring your own movers, so take advantage of them!

  6. Use High-Quality Storage Products

    Cardboard boxes are not built to last. They will become musty, with time. Instead, choose high-quality plastic storage bins, vacuum bags, and wardrobes. These will help preserve your stuff for years to come.

  7. Don’t Use Shortcuts

    It might be easier in the short term to just climb over stuff, but it puts you on the road to personal injury and, worse, disorganization. If you need to reach something and can’t, that’s a sign that you need to rethink the organization of your unit.

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